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Chapter 347 - If the Sky is Collapsing, Someone Must Hold it Up

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Michyrr

“Why?” Xu Yourong’s complexion was slightly pale.

“The gate of the Garden of Zhou is about to open.” Chen Changsheng glanced at the baby peng, but what he said instead was a different topic.

The reopening of the Garden of Zhou was obviously good news, but in his voice, there were no feelings of happiness, because the collapse continued. He followed Xu Yourong’s method and let the black rock turn into a Heavenly Tome Monolith, which stopped the arrival of destruction. However, it was not enough—the snowy mountain had already begun to collapse. The initial great power of the world that caused the collapse had calmed down again, but who would stop the avalanche once it grew out of control?

A storm of energy arrived before the mausoleum. With a dozen or so terrifying ripping sounds, the mausoleum began to shake violently. Several boulders above the south-western wall began to fall. Because of the cracks, the azure blue sky became dark and gloomy. Many fragments of the sky had landed on the grassland without their notice and were now being blown around in the violent wind. There were countless flowing flames in the distance in the Garden of Zhou, and there was black smoke and fire everywhere. Monsters ran in a panic, and many miserable howls and sad sounds could be vaguely heard. The world was currently being destroyed.

Xu Yourong looked into his eyes—she did not have the power to raise her arm to grab his collar, but that was what she implied. Before, she had indeed said that even if the balance between the Heavenly Tome Monoliths was regained, it would be useless. The Garden of Zhou was already undergoing the process of destruction. However, if the gate of the Garden of Zhou really was about to open, why could they not leave together? Why did she have to leave first?

“The sky is falling,” he looked into her eyes and said very seriously.

“And then?” she looked into his eyes and asked very seriously.

“If there is no one to hold it up, no one will make it out.”

Chen Changsheng raised the Yellow Paper Umbrella and stood up. He turned around, looked at her and said, “I need to stay behind and find a method to make it last a little longer.”

Xu Yourong’s trembling voice was like drizzle disturbing the lake water. “You? How… will you do it?”

How will you do it? What will happen to you? It was unknown which question was closer to what she was asking.

Chen Changsheng looked at her and said very sincerely, “I will see.”

The Heavenly Tome Monoliths had returned to the Garden of Zhou and the formation had regained stability. It helped the interior of the Garden of Zhou gain the most valuable period of time. The gate of the Garden of Zhou was currently opening, but with its current speed, it was extremely possible that it would not make it. If the people outside could not open the Garden of Zhou in time, the sky would collapse, and the monsters that lived inside, as well as the hundreds of human cultivators that had entered the Garden of Zhou would all die in the sky full of flowing flames.

The Garden of Zhou would be destroyed. So many lives might die. The most direct reason was because he had removed all the swords from the Sword Pool—there was no need to care about any demon scheme or Black Robe’s sinister arrangements. He did not pay attention to the fact that they had arrived in the depths of the grasslands to save each other, or discuss the summoning of the sword intent and the Yellow Paper Umbrella. In short, all the matters happened because of him, so naturally they were to be all solved by him.

He had once thought that if he could not stop the destruction of the Garden of Zhou, perhaps he could attempt to use the dagger to take away all the human cultivators and some monsters from the Garden of Zhou. However, the problem was that the space of the dagger had a limit. At the moment, it already stored ten thousand broken swords, and was unable to store anything more. He believed that Xu Yourong’s spatial artifact was the same.

Right now, the only thing he could do was slow the collapse of the Garden of Zhou, and give the people in the Garden of Zhou enough time to leave. It was also because of the imploration of the baby peng to help the countless monsters in the grassland to seize a chance of living. As a result, he needed to stay, and wished that he could last a little longer, to seize a little more time.

However… why? Xu Yourong could not ask the question in time. Her shoulders were grabbed by the baby peng, and she was lifted into the sky outside the mausoleum.

The Great Peng had said that it could only carry one person. Chen Changsheng also could not make the final explanation in time, and watched as the baby peng took her away, flying into the distance.

The wind in the surroundings of the mausoleum blew violently. Xu Yourong was extremely weak, and was unable to say anything at all. She could only stare blankly at him who stood on the mausoleum. She looked at him very seriously, as if she wanted to remember all of his face. Looking at the person on the mausoleum that became smaller and smaller, she shouted, “Xu Sheng, you idiot.”

The wind really was very strong. By the time her voice had traveled to the mausoleum, it was already very soft. However, Chen Changsheng heard it. He yelled a sentence loudly back at her, but this time, the wind was too strong, and she did not hear it.

“I’m not called Xu Sheng, I’m called Chen Changsheng.”

After saying that, he turned around and ran up the mausoleum. The mausoleum was very big. From the end of the divine path to the highest point, it was a distance of several thousand zhang. Also, the mausoleum was formed from huge boulders, and was extremely difficult to climb. Fortunately, he possessed strength and speed far beyond an ordinary person’s. In a short time, he arrived at the highest point of the mausoleum.

He stood on the peak boulder of the mausoleum, and looked at the flowing flames that constantly rained down in the distance. He looked at the black smoke and burning forests, and the shattered blue dome of the sky that seemed to be right in front of him. He grasped the dagger in his hand tightly—the sky really was collapsing.

Luoluo had once said something to him full of emotions.

It was what the White Emperor had said to her: “If the sky collapses, there will be someone tall who holds it up for you.”

Right now, he was at the highest point in the mausoleum, as well as the highest point in the entire Garden of Zhou. It was higher than the peak of the Sunset Valley. It was the closest point to the sky, the furthest point from the ground and the point where he could see the furthest. As a result, he was currently the tallest person in the Garden of Zhou.

The sky was collapsing, so he obviously had to hold it up. This had nothing to do with the quote ‘Great power comes with great responsibilities’, because he believed this originally was his responsibility. Also, he just happened to have capabilities in this area—who just happened to be on the mausoleum, holding an umbrella in his hand with ten thousand swords in his scabbard?

He switched the dagger and the Yellow Paper Umbrella between his hands. With a screech, the sharp dagger was deeply embedded in the rock, which helped him stabilize himself in the violent winds. Afterwards, he extended the Yellow Paper Umbrella in his right hand towards the sky on the verge of collapse. With a whoosh, the Yellow Paper Umbrella was opened in the violent wind, turning into a cowering, small, yellow flower, as if it could be ripped into shreds by the whirlwinds at any time.

It could be said that the Yellow Paper Umbrella was the magical artifact that possessed the greatest defense in the world. With the prideful and powerful sword intent of the Heaven Shrouding Sword, if it fell into the hands of a peerless expert, it could be imagined that it could produce a fame that was extremely dazzling. However… he still could not rely on just the umbrella to hold up a sky, even though it was just the sky of the miniature world of the Garden of Zhou. Not to mention that the Yellow Paper Umbrella was currently in his hands. He who was at the upper realm of Ethereal Opening was obviously very outstanding in the younger generation, but in front of the sky, he was insignificant.

Please come out and help me, Chen Changsheng muttered in his heart.

This was his responsibility, so he had to endure it. This also seemed to be the responsibility of the swords, but the swords were originally kept in the Garden of Zhou against their will, so he used the word ‘please’.

Without a pause, with his thought, countless shrill sword resonances appeared in the surroundings of the giant boulder that was at the peak of the mausoleum. They created a great many powerful gusts of wind, and for just an instant, they actually suppressed all the whirlwinds that wreaked havoc in the Garden of Zhou.

Countless swords surged out from the scabbard by his waist!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh! The swords brushed past the side of the Yellow Paper Umbrella, and then quickly dispersed, like fireworks.

The ten thousand swords turned into ten lines formed by swords and rose from the peak of the mausoleum. They fell through the sky, just like the skeleton of an umbrella.

It was a huge umbrella that covered thousands of li.

It was opened by Chen Changsheng, and held up the sky that was on the brink of collapse.

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