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Chapter 350 - Ten Thousand Li with One Sword

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Michyrr

Su Li’s hand grasped the handle of the umbrella. He did not perform any other actions, but the sword intent already reached areas that were several dozen of li away.

There were no sword rays, nor was there any sword wind. The thin snowflakes floated down slowly, but in the surroundings of the snowy plains, countless shrill sounds appeared. Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh! It was the sound of the edge of the sword cutting through space and through armor. It was the sound of the edge of the blade cutting through the powerful bodies of the Demon Generals.

Around the dozen or so mountainous black shadows of the Demon Generals, countless thin white slashes appeared. The cold wind suddenly separated, the heavy armor suddenly shattered and fresh blood spurted out. Some mountainous shadows fell in the snowy plains with a groan, while other mountainous shadows retreated backwards with a roar. There was actually not a single Demon General that remained where they were originally.

Su Li gazed at the snowy hill over ten li away, and looked at Black Robe who currently sat there cross-legged.

The square plate before Black Robe’s body had already become a piece of scrap metal, and on it were densely packed depressions. It did not seem anything like the projection of the Garden of Zhou from before. It was because the square plate had been destroyed that the terrifying explosion occurred before. Even though he was a peerless expert at such a great level, the injuries he received were not light. His clothes were tattered, and he actually seemed to be in a rather sorry shape.

The square plate of the Garden of Zhou was destroyed for some reason, which caused him injury. Feeling that the arrangements in the Garden of Zhou had failed, it made him very hurt. However, what made him feel the most alert and uneasy was the umbrella currently in Su Li’s hands. He had spent a very long time in the arrangements to kill him, for which the demons had sent out countless experts. However, it seemed that problems were about to occur. 

If Su Li wanted to stop the assassination the demons had planned, he needed to make another breakthrough in the path of the sword. However, just like he had once said, for an expert of the path of the sword at Su Li’s level, even the great dread of life and death would not be able to help him break through the obstacle that he had not broken through in hundreds of years, unless he received that sword.

Now, that sword had come.

How was this possible? Black Robe looked at the teenager behind Su Li and thought silently. As it turned out, all the changes originated from him.

He recognized the Yellow Paper Umbrella and knew the history of it. He recognized Chen Changsheng and knew the history of him. He was the demon Military Advisor who specialized in schemes the most out of the entire continent, and only needed the control of spiritual sense to deduce the story in the Garden of Zhou, as well as the story after the Garden of Zhou clearly, without a single mistake.

However, no matter how well he deduced it, he was unable to change things that had already happened. He was also unable to make the Yellow Paper Umbrella leave Su Li’s side.

Black Robe stood up, and his slightly blue hands were drawn from his sleeves. It seemed as though he was about to crush all the cold gusts of wind in the snowy plains with his hands.

Su Li looked at him silently.

The two were separated by a dozen li or so.

Su Lu grasped onto the handle of the umbrella, and used a little bit of strength through his fingers.

Only the clear resonance of a sword being drawn could be heard.

A bright sword was drawn from the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

As it turned out, this was the true sword of the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

A sword was always hidden in the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

The sword was not completely drawn.

Only half of the sword appeared before the world.

The wind on the snowy plains suddenly hastened, and the thin snowflakes became countless shapeless swords. They rushed forwards with a whistle, and immediately arrived at the snowy hill over ten li away.

Black Robe lowered his head, and brought his hands together. His blue hands floated slightly, as if he was performing a salute. It guarded his face, and with the black robe that had fallen onto the snow, everything was covered up. An extremely frigid Qi received the snowflakes that were like swords.

Swish swish swish swish! The sound of severing repeatedly resounded on the snowy hill. Countless distinct sword rays appeared in the space around Black Robe.

In the next moment, Black Robe’s legs left the snow. He began to float, and his clothes and body seemed to become weightless. With the windy snow and sword rays, he floated backwards, and disappeared into nothingness.

The sword rays slowly dispersed, the sword resonance slowly grew quiet and the snowy wind slowed down.

A black cloth slowly landed on the snowy plains, and at the same time, a streak of blackish red blood appeared.

From over ten li away, Su Li injured Black Robe with one strike. Although the injuries Black Robe had received from the destruction of the square plate could not be considered light, and although he was not in his peak condition, it could not be forgotten that the sword in Su Li’s hand was not completely drawn from the sheath. There was still half of it hidden in the Yellow Paper Umbrella. Then just how powerful was the strike?

Su Li did not pay any attention to the retreating Black Robe. He looked at the outline of the demon city that could be vaguely seen in the depths of the snowy plains, and looked at the shadow that contained an unlimited amount of pressure and terrifying willpower. The expression on his face become more and more solemn, but his gaze became more and more fanatical. He yelled, “Come battle!”

With a sudden yell that was like a sword resonance, a true sword resonated through the entire snowy plains.

Su Li’s right hand which grasped the handle of the umbrella drew outwards. The sword that gave off cold light appeared.

After hundreds of years, the Heaven Shrouding Sword finally saw light again. The first opponent that it met was the Demon Lord.

With such a return, just how overbearing and unbridled was it?

No matter how wide the sky was, as long as the Heaven Shrouding Sword was placed before the eyes, not even the sky could be seen.

No matter how terrifying the shadow in the sky was, if he did not want to see it, he would not see it.

Su Li’s left hand held onto the Yellow Paper Umbrella, and his right hand casually lifted the Heaven Shrouding Sword. Looking at the shadow in the sky, he had a presence that was able to surprise and overwhelm the world.

Just how powerful and heroic was the person?

Looking at Su Li’s back, Chen Changsheng was emotionally moved and speechless.

He knew that he was about to witness firsthand a battle of the highest level in the past few centuries of the continent. Perhaps he would die very quickly, die from the clashing of the Qi from the battle, or perhaps the two that participated in the battle would not even notice his death at all. However, he did not feel cold, and even felt rather warm.

The warmth originated from his heart, from his blood.

There were always hot-blooded times in a person’s life.

Even though he had just left the Garden of Zhou and was suddenly pulled into a battle that was close to a divine level where he would likely die, he did not care. The journey of the Garden of Zhou indeed was not made in vain. For him to be able to witness such heroic figures, to witness such a peerless sword regain its edge, was life or death really worth mentioning?

At this moment, Chen Changsheng already could vaguely guess who the impressive human expert who stood in front of him was.

When he grasped the sword, several powerful Demon Generals fell.

When he drew half of the sword, Black Robe was heavily injured and retreated far away.

Now, his sword had completely left the sheath. He himself had already completely left the sheath as well, and displayed his edge as much as he liked towards the snow and wind, and the shadow in the sky.

Just what kind of power would the third strike have? Would it sever the sky, and directly cut down the shadow before the sword?

With only a moment, Chen Changsheng thought of many things. He felt that his mind was completely and utterly washed by the sword intent that enveloped the entire snowy plains, and he gained unprecedented courage and battle prowess. If he could live, he believed that these gains would definitely make him even stronger.

However, just at this moment, a voice suddenly appeared in his ears.

“Hold onto the umbrella.”

Chen Changsheng looked at the back of the middle-aged man, and knew that the voice came from him. He just did not know what it meant, and was rather at a loss.

“Still not grabbing it? Otherwise, I’ll retreat first then.”

Su Li looked at the shadow in the sky. His expression was firm and persistent, and his bearing exceeded the ordinary.

Who would have thought that he was secretly whispering such words that lacked in bearing?

Chen Changsheng stared blankly. He did not know what it was exactly about and said, “Senior…”

Su Li did not turn around. His sword pointed towards the sky, signifying that he was unhurried.

However, his voice was just so urgent, and seemed extremely worried.

Also, in order to prevent the demons from discovering it, he did not move his lips, so when he spoke, it had the feeling that he was biting his tongue.

“Senior your face, why don’t you hurry up and grab it, pighead?!”

Chen Changsheng really did stare blankly, and he even began to doubt life.

Senior… aren’t you a legendary expert? Didn’t you traverse the continent unrestrained with a sword? Don’t you want to battle the shadow? Don’t you want to battle an opponent? So… you never wanted to battle since the start, and only wanted to flee? You… at this moment, your heroic spirit is all acting?

This… perhaps it is fake fighting?

Chen Changsheng was unable to describe his current feelings.

The surface of the senior was full of ferociousness and was full of the air of courage and magnanimity, but who would have thought, he was actually like this… 

He could not find a suitable phrase. He wanted to say that this was very despicable, and also felt that it was rather disrespectful.

The idol that had stood straight like a tree in his heart for several moments of time just suddenly collapsed with a loud rumble like this.

However, he did not have any choice. Even the senior wanted to run; did he still want to stay behind and battle against the terrifying shadow?

Chen Changsheng’s gaze landed on the Yellow Paper Umbrella. He was slightly at a loss, and extended his hand to grab it.

Su Li looked at the shadow in the sky with an indifferent expression and had the air of an expert. Only Chen Changsheng could hear the voice that originated from between his teeth, “You pighead, grab tight, otherwise if you fall off halfway, I’m not stopping to grab you.”

Chen Changsheng grabbed the front of the Yellow Paper Umbrella obediently, and even used his other hand.

A clear and bright, but arrogant, laugh resounded, and echoed in the snowy plains.

Su Li looked at the great demon army in the snowy wind and looked at the shadow. After pausing for a while, he said loudly, “Look at the strike!”

This was the first true strike since the Heaven Shrouding Sword had reappeared in the world.

It was also the most powerful strike of the several days being surrounded by the demons.

In the snowy wind, the mountainous bodies of the Demon Generals became extremely serious. The tens of thousands of demon soldiers even further out became silent.

The shadow that originated from Xuelao City and covered half the sky became much more serious.

The strike inevitably contained the cultivation of Su Li’s entire life.

Even the Demon Lord felt fear.

The violent wind suddenly swept through the flying snow, and the sword intent that enveloped the snowy plains was suddenly compressed. It turned into sword energy with an unimaginable power, which chopped at the world.

Su Li struck out.

He struck at the sky.

However, it was not at the shadow in the sky, but half the sky that was opposite of the shadow.

The sky of the south.

There was only a soft screech.

Of the several thousand Essence Qi Locks that the Demon race had set down in the snowy air, all were shattered by the sword intent.

In the snow and wind that suddenly became violent, an extremely clear path formed from a sword suddenly appeared to lead a way out of the snowy plains.

Su Li, with an unimaginable speed, transformed into a streak of light, and flew into the path formed from a sword.

His left hand grasped the Yellow Paper Umbrella, and Chen Changsheng was suspended on the front part of the umbrella. His body was already floating.

With a whistling sound, Su Li and Chen Changsheng turned into a black smear, slowly traveling further and further away.

A moment later, the path formed from the sword disappeared along with the two of them.

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