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Chapter 415 Mediocre Saints

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


"In fact, there are times when even I don't understand how I could beget such an excellent child as Qiushan." The Qiushan clan head gazed out the window at Mount Li which was still not too far away. "Just like how the entire continent doesn't understand how a stupid thing like Xu Shiji somehow managed to give birth to Xu Yourong."

Saying these words, he paused, then said in a much heavier tone, "Of course, Xu Shiji is inferior to me."

The Qiushan clan Guardian knew what he was speaking of and nodded his head. "He's much more inferior than Clan Head."

The Qiushan clan head's eyebrows flew up. He didn't seem at all like that towering figure who so decisively struck out, just a proud and simple father. He said, "From the moment my son's blood awoke, I was doing my utmost to cultivate and study, willing to learn anything. I wanted to catch up to him, and not drag him down. It seems to me now that I've just barely accomplished it."

The smile on the Qiushan clan Guardian's face was very sincere, and one could even make out a sense of admiration—the Qiushan clan head had originally been the south's most famous dandy, so many years ago, when the old ancestor of the Qiushan clan had decided to hand down the clan to the current clan head, he was similarly as uncomprehending as Qiushan Jun. It must be known that at the time, he was already an upper level Star Condensation expert. In addition, in terms of generations, he was an uncle. In every aspect, it should have been him that was put in charge of the Qiushan clan. Later on, when Qiushan Jun was born and his true dragon blood was awakened, he believed that the old ancestor had made his decision back then based on this and no longer became angry or thought it unfair. He still looked down upon the clan head at the time, thinking that he was just a good-for-nothing that achieved success only because of his son. However, he had long since stopped holding this view. Because to everyone’s surprise, after Qiushan Jun's blood awakened, the Qiushan clan head suddenly seemed to become a different person. From that day on, he no longer went out to brothels or horse riding, but rather began to energetically study and cultivate.

At that time, the Qiushan clan head was already a middle-aged man.

For a middle-aged man who had wasted half his life to suddenly begin working with diligence and drive, just what sort of willpower and determination did that require? Just what sort of price needed to be paid? Without even asking, the answer was evident. But he really did manage to accomplish it. In those ten-odd years where Qiushan Jun went from learning how to babble out his first words to learning the sword at the glorious Mount Li, he had also been silently progressing from the initial level of Ethereal Opening to the upper level of Star Condensation. Although it did not seem very equal on the face of it, in reality, it was much more difficult.

What sort of reason had driven him to accomplish such an unimaginable feat? Just as he had said, he did not possess the talent or blood of Qiushan Jun and found it impossible to keep up with his son's footsteps. However, he hoped to get as strong as he possibly could so that he would at least not impede his son's footsteps.

"Hopefully, Qiushan will be able to quickly understand the clan head's pains,” the Guardian looked at the edge of the window and said sincerely.

The Qiushan clan head calmly replied, "Even if he never knows, so what?"

The Guardian said, "But today's events will eventually have all sorts of effects."

The Qiushan clan head looked out the window at that famous mountain of the south. After a long period of silence, he said, "Correct, today's actions at Mount Li truly have produced quite a lot of problems. This was because I did not think that Qiushan was actually this sort of child."

The Guardian was also silent for a few moments, then asked, "Clan head, what did you originally think then?"

This was something that he, and even all the trusted aides of the Qiushan clan, were truly very curious about. Because over the past few years, the Qiushan clan had secretly done many things for Qiushan Jun's sake, things which not even Qiushan Jun necessarily knew about.

"I originally thought that since he was my son, he would presumably be very similar to me. To view it from another angle, I originally thought that this world could not possibly have a person as perfect as my son, so his perfection was naturally faked."

The Qiushan clan head gave an indescribable smile. "So I believed…my son was a hypocrite. Thus, I secretly did many things; to say that they were completely unscrupulous would not be inaccurate. It was all so that I could give him a solid foundation to match with his reputation in the world, all for that one day in the future when he finally makes his appearance before the populace and bares his true ambitions."

"Such as that time where you went to the capital to propose?"

"Correct. I originally thought that since he wanted to marry Xu Yourong but also didn't want to bear any bad reputation from forcing her, he purposely calculated the time and went to steal the key to the Garden of Zhou from the demons. I'm his father, so it's only natural that I help him settle this matter."

The Qiushan clan head continued, "Another example is this time. I believed that he was faking his injuries so as to not be involved. Simultaneously, he gave my Qiushan clan the opportunity to raise a few difficult questions. This scheme could be considered perfect. Who could have imagined that it was actually I that thought wrong."

"I believed my son to be a hypocrite. I didn't think that he would actually be a true hero."

He looked out the window at Mount Li and smiled. "Only, is there a father that doesn't hope for their son to be a true hero? It's just that it's easy to die when you're a hero. Then it's fine that this father continues to commit unspeakable deeds, continues to play the part of the hypocrite, in order to ensure that this hero lives. Some day in the future when the entire continent learns of my vile actions, he is required to put justice before family, and I then die at his hands…you see, this is such a perfect story."

After listening to these words, a boundless sorrow bloomed in the Guardian's heart. He thought to himself, the clan head really is the world's most extraordinary father. His love towards Qiushan Jun was so selfless that it was actually selfish, so fierce that it inspired fear in others. Anyone that would block Qiushan Jun, that would prevent his progress along this most magnificent river of stars, would be eliminated by the Qiushan clan head. And everyone knew that the only person on the continent who had barely enough qualifications to be discussed on the same level as Qiushan Jun was called Chen Changsheng.

The Guardian began to sympathize with Chen Changsheng's future miserable sufferings.

Of course, that young Principal of the Orthodox Academy would first have to survive and leave Xunyang City.

"With one of the Eight Storms taking action, Su Li will absolutely die, but Chen Changsheng will inevitably survive."

The Qiushan clan head continued, "That youth's background is too deep and his origins somewhat mysterious. Not even the Holy Maiden Peak could completely clear it up. The Divine Empress has still not said anything and Zhou Tong has not moved. Naturally, I will not take the initiative."

Mount Li was an extraordinary place. Liang Xiaoxiao had used his own death to kill others. On the other hand, his Eldest Brother Qiushan Jun had used his own life to save others. It was often the case that this sort of person did not easily die.

Chen Changsheng was also this way because he had always been saving others. The rain pouring down over Xunyang City was so cold. Perhaps for this reason, his face was somewhat pale. His drenched clothes were pockmarked with holes punched by a sword, but there was not much blood because the rain had washed it all away.

Liu Qing possessed an ordinary and unremarkable face, an ordinary and unremarkable sword, and used an ordinary and unremarkable sword technique. But he possessed the unimaginable cultivation of the upper level of Star Condensation.

As the world's third-ranked assassin, every one of his blows was as cold as ice.

Chen Changsheng had bathed in dragon blood, but he still could not block this cold sword.

In this brief span of time, he had used the Yeshi Step together with the last move of the Mount Li Sword Style to block six consecutive blows of Liu Qing's sword, simultaneously obtaining six bloody holes on his body.

The sword did not pierce too deep, but it was very painful. Thankfully, the blood that flowed out had no scent. Just like this battle, it was completely tasteless.

If Liu Qing's movement techniques were even more strange, his sword would still find it impossible to stab into Su Li, only able to pierce into Chen Changsheng's body.

Because Chen Changsheng's sword was very resolute, very desperate, and so very fast.

Just like that sword that Qiushan Jun had stabbed into his own abdomen at the peak of Mount Li.

He looked at Liu Qing, his face pale, and with seriousness in each word, declared, "I will not let you pass."


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