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Chapter 423 A Chat about Life in the Sunset

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The mood on the street had shifted too quickly. One moment it still seemed to be carrying on in a grand and majestic fashion, and in the next moment, it had somehow turned into a chat over wine in the sunset, settling into the rhythm of discussing everyday affairs. Of course, everyone knew that the Holy Maiden's questions had some other profound meaning.

In a normal situation, Chen Changsheng's reply was somewhat too firm and lacking in manners, but it was a beautiful thing that the Holy Maiden of the south was no normal person, nor was she like those ordinary Holy Maidens in history. She loved Su Li. She dared to love the Su Li that had loved a Demon Princess, so she was very satisfied with Chen Changsheng's reply. She thought that this youth was very calm, very simple, and very forceful.

She gave Chen Changsheng a profound glance. This was a true profoundness, not that sort of profoundness like the glance she had shot at Su Li, filled with complex emotions that everyone could understand—what impressions she had of Chen Changsheng before were unknown, but at least today, this meeting had left her relatively satisfied.

Maybe it had a lot to do with how Chen Changsheng stood, covered in blood, in front of Su Li?

As she gave him this glance, the rain over Xunyang City ceased. The clouds also scattered, revealing the true sky.

There was no Moon of the demons of the north, nor was there any rivers of stars. There was only the clear sky.

A setting sun was suspended in the distance over the plains outside the city. It had originally been twilight.

The bloody light of dusk fell upon the wounds and congealed blood on Liu Qing's face, adding several more layers of terror to it. He began walking towards the city gate, paying attention to no one else.

"Why?" Su Li asked to his back.

Liu Qing halted his steps, and then after a moment of silence, replied, "What I said to Zhu Luo was true."

Su Li retorted, "Of course I know what you said was true."

Not long after they had left the military fort, he realized that Liu Qing was following him. He had always thought that Liu Qing wanted to kill him and he had always not cared that Liu Qing wanted to kill him. Both of these had the same underlying reason.

He had known Liu Qing for many years. He knew Liu Qing's assassination habits and style. He knew everything about everything of Liu Qing.

Many years ago, he had taken leave of Liu Qing and those others without the slightest hesitation. He believed that he would never think about those guys again. In truth, in those endlessly long years, he really didn't think about them much. No matter how he looked at it, Liu Qing and those other guys all had reason to hate him, to want to kill him.

"I think differently from those guys. They always thought that everything was cleared up between our two parties, but I always believed that you owed us. Thus, if I wanted to kill you, this occasion was naturally the best opportunity."

Liu Qing did not turn around. After another pause, he said, "I originally thought you would be as miserable as an old dog, that I would definitely be elated to see such a sight, but as I followed you over these days, I felt more and more that I found no relish from this. You brought us into the profession. For you to suffer humiliation is for all of us to be humiliated. If someone wanted to kill you, then at least it has to be me. How could I let someone else touch you!"

After a moment of silence, Su Li replied, "What nonsense."

Liu Qing raised his head and watched the distant setting sun. "In fact, it's very simple. I just suddenly understood why you left us back then. In the end, you're a person of Mount Li. Your life and ours have always been different."

Previously in the battle, Zhu Luo had angrily accused Liu Qing of being a person of Mount Li.

Liu Qing did not admit it. Although he used the sword techniques of Mount Li, fair and above board, he was still an assassin that walked in the night.

Hearing Liu Qing's words, Su Li settled into a very sincere silence. Afterwards, for the first time, he gave an explanation for that period of his past which he felt to be a trifling concern, a part of his life which his younger self had not paid much attention to.

"I left back then primarily because it wasn't challenging anymore."

He continued, "Or do you mean that I should have spent every day thinking about how to kill the Demon Lord and Black Robe?"

Liu Qing gazed at the setting sun and very earnestly replied, "The last mission we took, the final thing we chatted over, wasn't it rather interesting?"

Even when confronting the two powerful experts of Zhu Luo and Guan Xingke, Su Li had still given off an undisciplined and indifferent air, but upon hearing Liu Qing's words, his expression grew solemn.

He stared at Liu Qing and said, "That woman is difficult to kill. I advise you all not to think about it."

Liu Qing said no more and began walking out of the city. In a short time, he had disappeared into the twilight.

Chen Changsheng didn't quite understand this conversation. He asked Su Li, "What were you two talking about?"

Su Li replied, "Many years ago, someone requested that I kill a person."

"Kill who?"

"You know of it, Tianhai."

In Su Li's view, the world's strongest women were three and a half: the Divine Empress, the Holy Maiden of the south, as well as the demi-human empress in White Emperor City, and then there was also that mutant in Xuelao City.

But the most difficult to kill had always been that one.

Of course, it was Tianhai.

"Wasn't it the elders of the Longevity Sect that tried to force Senior to do it?"

"There were also people that attempted to pay me to do it."

"Truly insane."

"No matter the person, they all have a price."

"Senior, these words seem to be more fitting coming out of Liu Qing's mouth."

"Is my saying it very strange?"

"Senior, you and Liu Qing…just what's the relationship between you two?"

"He became an assassin because of me, and his skills were taught by me."

Su Li's answer was very casual, as if this matter was a trivial affair that wasn't even worth mentioning.

Chen Changsheng suddenly thought of a matter, a certain possibility.

Back then in the wilderness when they had encountered the twenty-eighth Divine General, Xue He, with Su Li's guidance, he had cut off Xue He's arm. He was concerned that Liu Qing, concealed in the plains, would opportunistically kill Xue He, at which point Su Li had explained Liu Qing's origins, at the same time mentioning that assassin who ranked at the very top of the Pavilion of Divination's Ranking of Assassins. Su Li had spoken of this number one assassin with quite some respect.

Chen Changsheng stared at Su Li and asked incredulously, "Could it be…Senior is that world's number one assassin?"

"When I was young, I worked that profession for a time."

"And then?"

"To do a job, you must love a job, to carry it out to the pinnacle."

Su Li acted as if it was only right. "As an assassin, it's only natural that I be the strongest assassin."

Chen Changsheng was incredibly shocked, incapable of comprehending just why such a talented person above the affairs of the world would go and be an assassin.

Su Li glanced at the Yellow Paper Umbrella in his hands and sighed regretfully, "At that time, I really was lacking money."

He did not finish the sentence—back then, he had been so lacking in money that he didn't even have the money to buy a shabby old umbrella.

Some questions had now been easily resolved.

At the time, Chen Changsheng had felt something was off. How could Su Li admire an assassin, even if it was the world's greatest assassin? Now he understood that the so-called admiration was still merely a bout of narcissism.

The twilight gradually dimmed, no longer seeming like blood and taking on a warmer tone.

An extremely pure ray of light slowly entered Wang Po's body, and his wounds visibly closed up.

Previously in the inn, in order to defeat Painted Armor Xiao Zhang and Liang Wangsun in one stroke, Wang Po had paid a massive price. After that, in order to block Zhu Luo, he had suffered heavy wounds. Now, these injuries were basically all healed, though it was unknown whether the damage to his life essence could be recovered.

In the hands of the Holy Maiden, the Sacred Light technique truly was close to a divine technique. Comparing it to the Sacred Light technique of the priests of the Li Palace, the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green, and the South Stream Temple, was like the difference between a star and a firefly.

Wang Po stood up and bowed to the Holy Maiden in thanks.

He didn't even glance at Su Li because he had never liked Su Li. He had come to Xunyang City for his own affairs and principles, not for this person.

He walked over to Chen Changsheng and said, "We met once before."

Several months ago, by the main gate of the Mausoleum of Books, Chen Changsheng and Wang Po happened to meet once.

That night was the night that Xun Mei intruded upon the Divine Path, lost, and died.

Chen Changsheng replied, "Yes, Senior."

Wang Po's eyebrows powerlessly drooped, seeming to be lacking somewhat in spirit, as was his voice. "You're not bad."

Chen Changsheng felt very happy, because he thought that Wang Po truly was a very good senior.

Many young geniuses worshiped Su Li, but he did not. He thought Su Li was very annoying, even though Su Li had taught him a lot. He felt that compared to Wang Po, Su Li was riddled with flaws, even though Su Li was far stronger than Wang Po. In his sixteen years of life, he had only worshiped his senior brother Yu Ren. Now it seemed like he had added a person called Wang Po to his objects of worship.

On the other side, Su Li finally asked that question, "How is my family's girl doing?"

The Holy Maiden replied, "Mount Li sent a letter, there shouldn't be any big complications."

Su Li asked, "Then what about Mount Li?"

The Holy Maiden answered, "I left in a hurry. I only know that there are some problems."

Su Li's eyebrows rose up like swords, then gradually descended. After a moment of silence, he said, "Qiushan is there, it should be fine."

When Chen Changsheng heard this name, he subconsciously glanced over.

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