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Chapter 45 Vigorous like Tigers
The Professor of the Heavenly Academy and the elite from the Priest Academy stood around the stone platform surrounding Luo Luo. Anyone could easily control her, but the problem was she stood right in front of Tian Hai Ya Er. With only a few inches away from Tian Hai Ya Er, her little fist was tightly held carrying the wind and the thunder.

If she punched down, Tian Hai Ya Er would be dead or paralyzed for the rest of his life.

The Heavenly Academy professor and the elites from the Priest Academy all remained fcoused, not taking a single step forward or a step backwards. They maintained the current status quo hoping to find an opportunity to suppress her. They thought that after some time as passed and her head had cooled down, she would be calmer and exit her fighting mode.

A complete silence. No one wanted to break the silence and to stimulate this little girl. No one wanted to see more blood be spilled.

But Tian Hai Ya Er himself was not aware of that. He looked at Luo Luo, coughed blood, and with a shaky voice, cried and said, “Please don’t kill me….I beg you….Don’t kill me, I am really scared, scared….Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

The pitiful begging with a cry suddenly became a rampant laugh!

The boy with a bloody face, looked extremely brutal. He resentfully stared at Luo Luo and shouted, “You think I am afraid of you!?? I am just playing with you! Because you are over! The Tradition Academy is also over! Look at these shameless elders. They are evil inside out. It didn’t matter if it was I who destroyed you or like what’s happening now, your future is all over! Because on one can treat me like that!”

The Heavenly Academy professor’s face became somewhat mad.

Luo Luo slightly frowned, raised her fist higher. Bright lights were surrounding her fingers, very pretty, but also very terrifying.

Tian Hai Ya Er’s emotion suddenly changed. He screamed and kicked his two feet randomly in air like a child whose milk was stolen!

“What do you want to do!? Do you really dare to hit me again! Divine Queen is my aunt! On this continent, who dares to hit me!?”

The building was deadly silent. Everyone knew what the little monster said was true. Not to mention that in the rumors he is the Pope’s apprentice. Just the fact that he had such an aunt, no one dared to offend him. Thinking about the harsh circumstances she would face aftermath, the look people had toward Luo Luo became pitiful and sympathetic.

Surrounding by senior elites and threatened by this hatred boy, what would Luo Luo do next?

She looked to a corner and looked to the youngster.

This action was her subconscious action or habit, you can call it. It’s not that she needs Chen Chang Sheng’s advice, but she thought she should listen to Chen Chang Sheng’s advice before she acted..

Everyone followed her sight to the corner, to Chen Chang Sheng.


Now Chen Chang Sheng has a mixed feeling.

He was not surprised. In these days, he taught Luo Luo xiu xing in the Tradition Academy. He clearly knew that although the little monster from the Priest Academy was very strong, but there’s no way he can defeat Luo Luo. Otherwise he would definitely prevent Luo Luo from walking up the stage, but he didn’t know that the little monster was so silly that he dared to compete Luo Luo in the strength of Qi. Because of this, he lost in a such deplorable fashion. Because of this kid’s actions, Luo Luo had to make a very important choice now.

He knew what Luo Luo wanted to choose because a few days ago when a sand went into Luo Luo’s eyes, the little girl spent half a day studying for half a day with the sand in her eyes until she finished studying. Eventually she succeeded and when she succeeded, she happily ran around the lake with a red eye.

She knew why Luo Luo was hesitating and why she was looking at him. Because she worried about bringing trouble to him and to the Tradition Academy and because she was used to asking for his advice before doing anything, she would follow Chen Chang Sheng’s decisions.

Luo Luo was the one who defeated the little monster from the Priest Academy and Luo Luo was asking for his advice. After Chen Chang Sheng confirmed these two things, he knew what decision he should make – he decided to straightforwardly give his advice and choose what Luo Luo originally wanted to choose.

This is very good. Chen Chang Sheng thought. He should take the responsibility. He stood up, looked at the professor from the Heavenly Academy and the people, who were holding their breaths. He remained silent for a bit and then said, “Before he said he wants to destroy Tang Thirty Six.”

His voice was somewhat dry and his tone, not so fluent, appeared very clumsy. It was not because of fear, but because he is not used to speaking in front of many people. Today in the Ivy Festival, seeing so many people, to him this was absolutely the first time in his life.

Moreover, although he did things with a harsh tone, he was not good at saying harsh words.

He thought a bit and though that the reason should be enough “Tang Thirty Six is my friend, so….”


Luo Luo understood what he meant but suddenly she realized that she had made a mistake – previously she shouldn’t have had look at master. The action was a habit and was respect, but this also meant giving the right to make a decision and the responsibilities all to master. This was a very big error that she had commited.

She looked back, looked at Tian Hai Ya Er lying in front of him.

When Chen Chang Sheng was saying that sentence: Tang Thirty Six is my friend.

Tian Hai Ya Er saw her eyes and read her meaning. His face suddenly became extremely pale and the expressions in his eyes became extremely dazed. He did not understand why but then he screamed fearfully, “Help me! Quick!”

His scream was very loud, hiding Chen Chang Sheng’s sentence after so.

But it couldn’t not hide the terrifying wind and lightning.

Luo Luo’s noble but arbitrary bloodline made her hate cowards the most.

Hearing Tian Hai Ya Er’s urgent call for help, her eyebrows raised up. Her eyes became extraordinarily bright.

A shadow, jumped up like a tiger!

Her fist fell on Tian Hai Ya Er’s chest!

Pa, Tian Hai Ya Er’s scream instantly stopped!

After a while, the silence suddenly broke by countless surprising shouts in the building.

Tian Hai Ya Er passed out in a bloody puddle. His ribs were fragmented, vessels completely broken, and his veins were destroyed.

Luo Luo took back her fist and wind was blowing around her little body.

Hoo! Hoo!

Black hair flew by her pretty little face, like fine willow branches in wind.

It’s not fine willow branches but it’s trace of grasses.

She looked at the surrounding people, with a calm face.

Like she was standing in storms in the North, between the wild grasses constantly waiting for a one shot kill moment.

An unspeakable force, naturally formed.


The surrounding was completely quiet and people looked shockingly at the stage.

That little girl…actually destroyed Tian Hai Ya Er! Did she know who Tian Hai Ya Er was? Did she know what she was doing?

Chen Chang Sheng really wanted to tell the entire world, ‘I was the one who told her to take the action’, but at this moment the eyes of the entire world were looking at Luo Luo. No one was looking at him. Such as Zhuang Huan Yu, in his eyes was only Luo Luo. He generated infinitive amount of admiration and love.

Professor of the Heavenly Academy and several elites of the Priest Academy, quickly flew to Tian Hai Ya Er and checked his pulse. They confirmed that he’s still alive, but…all of his vessels were broken. He was already destroyed to the worst possible way. He could no long xiu xing in his entire life. The people from the Priest Academy used the fastest speed to carry Tian Hai Ya Er down stage. Then sent him to the royal palace, hoping guests or royal doctors in the palace, could keep the last hope. If not, they they might have to inform the Divine Queen.

The bishop and teachers of the Priest Academy left with them. Before they left, they glimpsed at the professor of the Heavenly Academy. What they had meant was clear: ‘you caused this event, from hiding the Priest Academy that you were the one using Tian Hai Ya Er, then you had to give an explanation for this.’

The professor of the Heavenly Academy looked at Luo Luo. His face was as cold as ice. His voice was as harsh as an edge of knife, “You hit too hard. You little girl, is too cold.”

Luo Luo thought that when Tian Hai Ya Er destroyed Xuan Yuan Po before, what did this professor of the Heavenly Academy say? She recalled. At that point, the professor of the Heavenly Academy said Tian Hai Ya Er went too hard. Tian Hai Ya Er said he only promised not to kill Xuan Yuan Po, never said he would not destroy Xuan Yuan Po.

“I never promised you I won’t kill him, also I only destroyed him.”

Luo Luo thought she was very reasonable, turned around and walked down.

The professor of the Heavenly Academy was surprised. He remembered his previous conversation with Tian Hai Ya Er, thinking that Luo Luo was intentionally sneering at him. He felt his anger boiling and swelling up. His face looked extremely ugly and harshly shouted, “How dare you walk away like that!”

Luo Luo paused her steps.

The professor of the Heavenly Academy looked at her back and said expressionlessly, “I don’t care about your identity or your true succession of teaching. But you have to remember, here is the capital of Zhou. Here is the Heavenly Academy. You just heavily wounded someone in public, do you think you can run away?”

On the surface he only made these statement, but everyone knew the real meaning. No matter how mysterious Luo Luo was, the one she heavily wounded was the apprentice of the Pope and the Divine Queen’s nephew. In the entire human world, no one could protect her.

The professor of the Heavenly Academy looked like he’s laughing “Little girl, you are truly…..daring.”

Luo Luo was somewhat unhappy and asked, “What kind of thing are you? How dare you talk to me like that?”

The entire building was silent. No one could expect that, at this moment, this little girl was not scared at all, but rather so aggressive.

Only extremely few people faintly felt something was weird because the influence this little girl revealed, was truly strong.

Facing the professor of the Heavenly Academy, she was like a lord facing her vassal.

What kind of family or sect, could teach such female student?

The professor of the Heavenly Academy felt dazed. Then he felt so angry that he laughed, laughed extremely coldly.

Now he was very certain, this little girl’s identity must be uncommon, but just like what he said before, she destroyed Tian Hai Ya Er….this meant, in the entire human world, not many could change her fate.

After a harsh shout, his right hand casually waved.

There was no wind nor rain, only a straight line of Qi. The Qi that even true iron could not block off!

This was Starfusing elite’s method!

No wonder he’s the professor at the Heavenly Academy!

It didn’t matter how strong Luo Luo was, after all she was only a little girl.

People seemed to have heard sounds of death, as if there was someone saying the little girl was dead.

Who could change this situation?

Someone looked to the seat for the Tradition Academy in the corner, wanted to see that little girl’s friend.

There was only a seat, wine and dishes.

There was no one there.

TN (Binggo): I think Chen Chang Sheng Took the bullet for Luo Luo. I mean he isn’t the type of dick head to leave and well.. he isn’t there and he sees the dick head about to ambush her, he would DEF taket he hit instead of having Luo Luo take it. Well we will see in the weekends bc they don’t translate till then >.<>

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