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Chapter 467 - The Bloody Incident Caused by a Plate of Blue Lobster

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

If their group of three had refused to stand aside, perhaps Tianhai Chenwu, out of consideration for the Pope and Old Master Tang, would have casually disciplined him and Tang Thirty-Six. However, if it was Xuanyuan Po? It must be known that to these powerful figures, Xuanyuan Po's existence was no different from an ant's.

Chen Changsheng swiftly reached a conclusion: if Tang Thirty-Six had not extended his hand and pushed Xuanyuan Po into the wall, Tianhai Chenwu would absolutely have not minded killing Xuanyuan Po.

He was a peak Star Condensation expert. With the casual wave of a hand, every bone in Xuanyuan Po's body would shatter and he would die on the spot.

Even now, Chen Changsheng was unable to forget his experience in Xunyang City—the frightening power of Liang Wangsun's Vajra Pestle, and the even more terrifying spear of Painted Armor Xiao Zhang. And it was obvious that Tianhai Chenwu, in both cultivation and determination to kill, was stronger, fiercer, and shrewder than Liang Wangsun and Xiao Zhang. Crucially, he was the head of the Tianhai clan. Unless one was a person with a deep backing like Chen Changsheng or Tang Thirty-Six, if Tianhai Chenwu killed a normal person like Xuanyuan Po, was there anyone in the entire continent who would dare give even a word of objection? Even the White Emperor couple wouldn't say anything.

At this point, Chen Changsheng was finally able to rid himself of the chilliness in his heart. He turned to Tang Thirty-Six and seriously said, "Before, didn't you often regard the Tianhai clan as beneath your contempt?"

Tang Thirty-Six had a rather nasty complexion, retorting, "I spoke of my grandfather. Just when was I ever saying it about myself?"

Chen Changsheng contemplated this question, then replied, "Last year when Guardian Jin invited us to a barbecue for the second time, you said it. Later on when you saw Tianhai Shengxue during the Grand Examination, you said it. Afterwards…"

"Okay, just stop already! Is it really so important that you have to take out the strength you used to comprehend the Heavenly Tome Monoliths to recollect?" Tang Thirty-Six said angrily.

Xuanyuan Po looked over and teased, "You would also have teased me! In front of these powerful figures, all your toughness vanished."

Tang Thirty-Six was furious, shouting, "Let me put it straight to the two of you, that was the head of the Tianhai clan! He's not some random nobody! Besides, how was I not tough? Didn't you hear what that old man said before he walked off? Nobody has dared to provoke him in so many years! And who is it now that provokes him? Who is it that won't let him eat the autumn crab or the blue-blooded lobster! Who!?"

Suddenly, the sounds of hurried steps could be heard on the stairs.

Who had come was not today's invited guest of honor, but rather one of the Li Palace priests responsible for guarding the Orthodox Academy.

Tang Thirty-Six's expression grew concerned. Shifting his gaze to that priest, he asked, "What happened?"

The Li Palace priest shot him a somewhat complex glance, asking, "I heard…that Sir talked back to the Tianhai clan head?"

In Tang Thirty-Six's words, it had been a provocation, but in the view of the powers of the capital, he was just a junior of the Wenshui Tang clan. Tianhai Chenwu was absolutely his senior, so Tang Thirty-Six's words had been talking back.

Of course, using the phrase 'talking back' was, from a certain standpoint, also for Tang Thirty-Six to ponder his actions.

"Just say what happened," Tang Thirty-Six said rather impatiently.

The Li Palace priest said nothing, instead taking out a thick stack of envelopes and placing them upon the table. He turned to Chen Changsheng and said, "Principal Chen, please look them over."

With these words, he took his leave.

Chen Changsheng took up the envelopes and opened them, one by one.

The restaurant was abnormally quiet. Tang Thirty-Six and Xuanyuan Po's eyes were transfixed on that stack of letters.

In truth, they had already guessed at what these envelopes were because, in the past twenty-odd days, the Orthodox Academy had received many similar envelopes.

Just as expected, the envelopes all contained letters of challenge.

In total, there were forty-some letters of challenge.

Chen Changsheng had only hastily skimmed them over. He hadn't been able to see just who these challengers were, but he did feel that this stack of letters was rather heavy.

Before Tianhai Chenwu left, he had said that he originally had just wanted to cause a little excitement, but now he would have the Orthodox Academy taste a little suffering…and the suffering had come very quickly.

How long had it been since that confrontation in the corridor? And already so many letters of challenge had been sent over.

Chen Changsheng could almost see countless letters of challenge flying into the Orthodox Academy like so many snowflakes.

Twelve consecutive victories? Twenty-some consecutive victories? What use was it, what meaning was there to it? These countless experts could easily drown the Orthodox Academy into nothingness.

It truly was worthy of the distinction as the supreme clan of the present human world.

The Tianhai clan was truly too frightening. Let alone the Orthodox Academy, even the Li Palace would find it rather exhausting to cope with the Tianhai clan.

"If you don't let the other person eat a lobster…the other person will make us eat misery."

Chen Changsheng looked at Tang Thirty-Six and then sighed. "Back then, you said that you wanted to drown them to death. Now it seems like we're the ones about to be drowned to death, so what now?"

He had barely finished speaking when the fragmentary and hurried sounds of footsteps could be heard on the stairs once more. The bead curtain was lifted up, causing the beads to crisply clack, and then came a voice that was as crisp as a bell.

It had been quite a few days since they had last heard this voice.

In the scorching heat of midsummer, the top floor of Clear Lake Restaurant used an array to attract the gentle breeze off the lake. It was refreshingly delightful and made this the most comfortable place in all the capital, so only important figures such as Tianhai Chenwu or the new owner Tang Thirty-Six could make use of it.

The girl that now stood before Chen Changsheng was even more refreshing than the wind off the lake, gladdening his heart.

Luoluo looked at him and gave a little laugh.

Seeing her pure and childish appearance, Chen Changsheng instantly forgot his worries. Chuckling, he asked, "And why are you laughing so foolishly?"

Luoluo boldly declared, "It's been too long since I last saw Teacher. Without Teacher's instruction, it's inevitable that I become somewhat foolish."

As Luoluo said these words, she certainly seemed like no fool. These words concealed unhappiness, and Chen Changsheng, being no fool himself, could identify this unhappiness. As a result, they were forced to act foolishly. If things were as they used to be, Xuanyuan Po would at this point have already gotten down on bended knee in front of Luoluo out of respect, while Tang Thirty-Six would be ridiculing their master-disciple relationship with a sour face. However, now the dining room was very quiet. Xuanyuan Po and Tang Thirty-Six were still staring at the thick stack of letters on the table as if their souls had already taken leave of their bodies. As they thought of how every day, they would have to engage in nonstop battle, maybe not even having time to eat or use the toilet, they could already imagine the suffering.

Luoluo just then realized that the pair was acting strangely. She asked curiously, "What happened?"

Tang Thirty-Six awoke from his daze. As he turned to Luoluo, his eyes became incomparably bright. "Ah, Your Highness…"

How could Chen Changsheng not know what he was up to? He walked up to the table, took up the stack of letters, and stuffed them into Tang Thirty-Six's bosom. Simultaneously, he obstructed Luoluo's gaze and said, "Have them start serving the food."

Luoluo inquisitively peeked her head out from behind Chen Changsheng's body, looking at Tang Thirty-Six and saying, "What's wrong?"

Tang Thirty-Six looked into Chen Changsheng's eyes and understood that were he to request assistance from Luoluo, his life upon returning to the Orthodox Academy would definitely be even more miserable than if he had to take on all those challenges by himself. Thus, he very firmly and naturally changed the subject. "Starting tomorrow, Clear Lake Restaurant will be closed for renovations. Let's eat all the blue lobster they stocked up!"

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