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Chapter 46 Mao Qiu Yu
When the professor of the Heavenly Academy moved, no one besides Xu Shi Ji and the Bishop of the department of traditional education could stop him. Xu Shi Ji, as the general whom the Divine Queen highly trusted, obviously could stop the professor and the Bishop, who had the most reasons to prevent him, looked like he fell asleep.

Although Zhuang Huan Yu was ranked tenth on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, there was still a huge gap between senior elites and him. He did not have the authority to stop the elites. As he watched death approach the young girl, his face became extremely pale but he couldn’t do anything.

Luo Luo looked at the Qi aiming at her, sensed the shadow of death. Her thin eyebrows slightly rose up but her expression was still calm because she knew that no one could kill her in the capital except the extreme situations like the one that night in the Tradition Academy.

She was certain that she would not be killed but others didn’t know that so they were shouting from the surroundings.

Suddenly, someone stood in front of her.

The person was not tall but he was taller than her, so he blocked her body.

When Luo Luo saw the person’s back, she recalled the night when Chen Chang Sheng protected her.

Once again, she recalled her dad’s quote: When the sky falls, there will be someone tall supporting it for you.

For a moment, the coldness she felt from the professor from the Heavenly Academy wasn’t so cold from the warmth she felt from Chen Chang Sheng.

The moment Luo Luo’s fist landed on Tian Hai Ya Er’s chest, Chen Chang Sheng left the seats because he wasn’t sure if Luo Luo’s clansman would appear promptly even though she had a strong and mysterious background. Because he was Luo Luo’s teacher, he had to take responsibility and protect her.

He came very promptly.

As the professor’s Qi traveled through the air, Chen Chang Sheng had positioned himself between the professor and Luo Luo in time.

He held the short sword horizontally and felt a little nervous.

He was not sure if his short sword could block the professor’s Qi and he didn’t consider what would happen if he couldn’t block it because that was not something he needed to consider.

Fine, he did think about what would happen.

Behind his body, his right hand grabbed Luo Luo’s hand.

The big hand held onto the little hand and at the center of the palm was a button.

The Qi that the professor had solidified into a straight line in front of his finger traveled swiftly and fiercefully.

Chen Chang Sheng thought that the next moment he would disappeared from the stage, unexpectedly, he was still at the same place.

He looked back at Luo Luo, thinking what’s happening?

— If you don’t activate the Button of Thousand Miles, then we would die for real.


Of course Chen Chang Sheng didn’t die and neither did Luo Luo. She didn’t use the Button of Thousand Miles because she was certain that no one could kill her in the capital, especially in the Heavenly Academy.This is because in the capital there is someone who knew her identity and he was the strongest in the Heavenly Academy.

A soft wind blew by and the Qi that was solidifying into a straight line, which seemed invincible, was easily waved away like the smoke coming out of countryside hearth.

The soft wind originated from two sleeves.

An old man full of white hair appeared on stage. His sleeves were slightly flowing in the night wind.

The entire field was silent. Everyone stood up, including Xu Shi Ji and the Bishop of the department of traditional education.

The students from the Heavenly Academy including Zhuang Huan Yu, all bowed down. They were all extraordinarily respectful and very surprised..

“Hi Principal!”


Yes, this elder was the Principal of the Heavenly Academy. Two Sleeves of Soft Wind MaoQiu Yu.

Immediately, the Vice Principal Zhuang also appeared after him.

Zhuang Huan Yu looked at the Vice Principal Zhuang and his expression was changed.

Everyone in the field was dumbfounded.

No one had thought that the two strongest Principals of Heavenly Academy would appear at the same time, especially the Principal Mao Qiu Yu who was one of the countable elites on the continent. His status was extremely high. Normally, the first night of the Ivy Festival wouldn’t require high status people to appear.

The professor’s expression changed. He walked to Mao Qiu Yu and greeted politely. Then he explained what happened tonight and describe the situation to make it more advantageous for him.

From Mao Qiu Yu’s protection, the professor realized that what occured tonight will not go according to his plan but he didn’t want the fire to burn on his own body and instead tried to put down the fire before too late.

Destroyed someone for no reason? Ruthless? Bullying the weak one?

Hearing the professor’s report, people’s faces suddenly looked very interesting.

Was he talking about Tian Hai Ya Er or the little girl from the Tradition Academy?

Mao Qiu Yu suddenly laughed.

The Bishop from the department of traditional education also laughed.

The Professor of Heavenly Academy suddenly felt a bit worried.

The bishop laughed as he stood up, walked outside of the building, and said torpidly, “Friend Cao, have some pride.”

The professor’s last name was Cao. He was dazed on stage and felt his torpid sentence was like a whip landed on his own face.

The Vice President Zhuang expressionlessly suggested that the Ivy Festival tonight has ended.

The crowd gradually spread out. When they were leaving, they all subconsciously looked back at the stone platform.

Mao Qiu Yu looked at Luo Luo, as if he was going to say something but after all he did not say a word, and simply smiled.

Chen Chang Sheng made a salute with Luo Luo next to him and then walked down the stage. They returned to the seat at the corner and packed up their stuff.

Luo Luo simply followed behind him and appeared to be very well-behaved.

She thought that previously on stage, did she act too wild, or too arbitrary? Would master dislike that type of her?

She grabbed his sleeve, turned up her little face, and giggled.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the little girl’s cute tiger teeth, smiled, and rubbed her head.


As the banquet ended, the building became completely silent. Mao Qiu Yu and Professor Cao faced each other on stage and started a conversation.

“In order to suppress the Tradition Academy, you allowed the little monster from the Priest Academy to behave crazily in the Ivy Festival. What you did was crazy.”

“True, I just dislike the Tradition Academy. Many people are just like me, am I wrong?”

“Resentment? No, that was an event that happened almost twenty years ago…everyone knows clearly what you actually want.”

“What do I want?”

“The Pope made you a Professor at the Heavenly Academy. You have been a Professor for more than a decade. Anyone would be tired of it. That’s understandable.”

“Principal, I am always respectful to you.”

“You are the professor at the Heavenly Academy. Just one step up and you will be the bishop of the department of traditional education. Who won’t be tempted?”

Mao Qiu Yu looked at him and spoke calmly, “But You did something wrong. First you shouldn’t drag the Tradition Academy in. Second you shouldn’t use people who you don’t have the right to use. Lastly you should find out the identity of your opponent.”

The professor’s face turned extremely sour because the Principal spoke the truth.

His position was arranged by the Pope. Professor was a position used by the Li Palace to control potential elites from the great schools, but he was a professor for so many years and indeed, he felt tired of it. He wanted to become the bishop of the department of traditional education. Just one step away and he can see a completely different sky. Who can resist such temptation?

But obviously he couldn’t admit to it and insisted, “There are people in the Tradition trying to use the Tradition Academy to test out the situation. I want to solve problems for the Pope and the Divine Queen. How am I wrong?”

Mao Qiu Yu said expressionlessly, “Does the Pope and the Divine Queen know this?”

The professor remained silent for a while and said, “Tian Hai Ya Er had became a useless person. The Tradition Academy…how can it still exist aftermath? If there is any problem in the Tradition Academy, then Mei Li Sha obviously has to take his responsibility. It’s not a bad thing from any perspective.”

“No one is stupid. Even Tian Hai Ya Er himself knew you were using him.”

Mao Qiu Yu said, “Unfortunately, you are stupid.”

The professor of the Heavenly Academy said unwillingly, “Who is that girl from the Tradition Academy?”

Mao Qiu Yu turned around and walked out of the building “That’s not important. The key is…the Bishop had been taking charge of the department of traditional education for several decades. Even earlier than when the Pope was enthroned. Do you think you can take down such person simply using some conspiracies?”

The professor looked at the elder’s back and said angrily, “I only know that the Divine Queen’s nephew was destroyed…Someone has to respond to this event. Even if the Pope doesn’t get mad, there must be someone taking the anger from the Queen.”

Mao Qiu Yu didn’t turn but continued walking replied “You still don’t know who should take the responsibility tonight?”

The professor was shocked as if he got hit by lightning. He knew that tonight was probably the last night in his life.


Luo Luo didn’t want to get surrounded by people so after discussing with Chen Chang Sheng, she hid into the trees in the darkness. Familiarly, she led him and found a road, pushed the two heavy doors, bypassed a small building, and went into a street from an unknown back door of the Heavenly Academy.

Chen Chang Sheng heard she said she had been to the lectures at the Heavenly Academy before and asked curiously, “Always go through the back door?”

Luo Luo said, “If I don’t go through back door, then how can I come to lecture at the Heavenly Academy?”

Chen Chang Sheng had some guesses and asked, “The one who was giving you lecture..was the Principal of the Heavenly Academy, Mao Qiu Yu?”

Luo Luo replied yes.

Chen Chang Sheng said with a mixed feeling , “That’s truly call back door.”

Luo Luo said, “Principal Mao’s level of teaching is much worse than master’s.”

He was actually compared by Luo Luo to the legendary principal of the Heavenly Academy. This thing was way too bizarre.

“Don’t speak such nonsense. If anyone hears, he will laugh.”

Chen Chang Sheng said with a straight face, but he felt extremely happy.

But when he saw the carriage in the street, all of his happiness suddenly disappeared.

There was a lantern hanging on the carriage and on the lantern, there was a word, “Xu.”

That’s the carriage from the Dong Yu General’s mansion.

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