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Chapter 475 - The Storm of Enrolling Students (IV)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bie Tianxin was rather surprised. He hadn't imagined Tang Thirty-Six would admit the matter straight away. He mocked, "Although your way of doing things is extremely unpleasant, you're actually quite open about it."

Then he turned to the students with a smirk and declared, "All of you heard it."

The young students instantly fell into a panic. Some students who were preparing to apply but hadn't yet filled out the forms took advantage of the moment when no one was looking to move towards the edge of the crowd. Those students who had already handed over their forms suddenly paled and became filled with regret. One student rather nervously looked at Chen Changsheng and stuttered, "Sir…you see Sir…the form that I just filled out…can I take it back?"

"Of course you can take it back," Tang Thirty-Six heard that youth's voice and replied without looking back. With his eye still fixed on Bie Tianxin, he warned, "However, the people who withdraw now will never again have the opportunity to enter the Orthodox Academy."

And then the tips of his brows leapt upwards as he laughed, saying, "And to every student of the Orthodox Academy, I swear on His Holiness's character that they will not be disturbed in the slightest when confronting the challenges of the schools."

Upon hearing those words, the hands of those students reaching to take back their forms paused on the table. The Orthodox Academy would actually swear an oath on His Holiness's name? And this person appears so relaxed, could it be that it's not as bad as that person said?

Bie Tianxin sneered, "Blades and swords have no eyes, so how can you guarantee this? Or are you planning on playing another of your petty little tricks?"

Tang Thirty-Six mockingly replied, "To a person as lacking in wisdom as you, it's naturally easy to mistake everything that you see for a petty trick."

If Tang Thirty-Six really had been planning on playing a petty trick, then when Bie Tianxin had declared to the crowd that the Orthodox Academy's enrollment concealed evil intentions, it was completely possible for him to resolutely and decisively deny it. As for what would happen after he had tricked these students into entering the Orthodox Academy, it was completely possible for him to discuss it when the time came. But he did not. Instead, he admitted that the new students admitted into the Orthodox Academy would represent the Orthodox Academy in the All-School Martial Exhibition as was right and proper.

When confronting these condemning and difficult-to-explain attacks, to be open was often the most powerful weapon. This was a part of the great wisdom of a nobleman.

The facts were proof that many people were willing to accept this open-mindedness. Some students, after thinking it through a few times, still took back their application forms from Chen Changsheng. However, many students believed in Tang Thirty-Six's promise, or perhaps they did not dare to doubt the Pope's character. Although some of them were uneasy, they still continued the application process until its completion. Soon after, more youths began to come up and place themselves in the line to apply to the Orthodox Academy.

Seeing that his words had not achieved too much, Bie Tianxin put on an ugly face. Turning to Chen Changsheng, he said with disdain, "In the future, if they are not cheated, then they should be giving thanks to me for what I said just now. And now that I think of it, you lot should be quite angry right now, seeing that your sinister motives were exposed by me. In the future, if you plan to use these students again, I'm afraid that I'll have to bring you more trouble."

Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six looked into each other's eyes, both of them truly furious now.

The Orthodox Academy's enrollment of new students was naturally related to the pressure placed upon it by the Tianhai clan, but they had absolutely never harbored any intention of using these students from the counties and the countryside.

They had clearly not harbored such evil intentions, but this hat had been placed on them against their will; this was a condemnation.

And this sort of thing never required facts. It only required a few words to plant suspicion in the minds of other. It was the most difficult to refute and also the easiest to be angered by.

"I know that you must be very angry now, but…you can only bear with it, because none of you is my opponent. Even that wolf cub lying within the Orthodox Academy also lost to me in the past." Bie Tianxin looked at Chen Changsheng with an indifferent expression, asking, "And you? When are you prepared to lose to me?"

"Truly worthy of being Bie Tianxin who can completely calculate the minds of men."

Tang Thirty-Six walked in front of Chen Changsheng and asked Bie Tianxin, "I really want to know if you can calculate just what I plan to do next?"

Bie Tianxin perked his eyebrows. His curiosity piqued, he ventured, "You want to fight me in a match?"

"I can't beat you," Tang Thirty-Six very honestly admitted.

Bie Tianxin was in a very pleasant mood. Chuckling, he said, "Then I assume that you can only taunt me with a few sentences, saying a few sour words to me."

Tang Thirty-Six shook his head. "I've never done that sort of thing."

Bie Tianxin's brows rose even higher. He really was very curious, wanting to know just what sort of response this youth could come up with in this sort of situation.

Tang Thirty-Six got up close and gave him a serious look as he said "."

His voice was very soft and the surroundings were quite noisy, so besides him and Chen Changsheng, only Bie Tianxin could hear it clearly.

Bie Tianxin thought he had not heard it clearly. His eyebrows reached even higher as he asked in confusion, "What did you say?"

"I said……"

This time, his voice was a little louder, so there were even more people who heard those four words.

The noise and discussion instantly ceased. As the area around the Orthodox Academy fell into complete silence, all eyes were fixed on Tang Thirty-Six.

Especially those stewards and the experts of the Tianhai clan. They knew of Bie Tianxin's identity and origins, so the gazes they shot at Tang Thirty-Six were even more shocked to the extreme.

Bie Tianxin's face was extraordinarily unsightly and his eyes flashed with brutality, almost like he wanted to devour the person before him.

Tang Thirty-Six stared at him and seriously asked, "Aren't you the one who completely calculates the hearts of men? Then did you or did you not calculate what I would say to you?"

Bie Tianxin narrowed his eyes and a killing aura gradually began to emanate from his body. The voice that oozed out from the gaps between his teeth was incomparably cold. "Say it again?"

"Are your ears no good?" Tang Thirty-Six seemed rather surprised, then said, "Then you have to listen clearly this time: F**k. Your. Mother. C**t."

The area in front of the Orthodox Academy was dead silent.

Bie Tianxin was wrathful, but he smiled, the derision at the corner of his lips having been completely transformed into ice. "So it turns out that you were looking to die."

Chen Changsheng walked in front of Tang Thirty-Six, blocking Bie Tianxin's gaze.

He did not like Tang Thirty-Six's foul words, but when he thought of those loathsome and condemning words uttered by this person, he was forced to admit that only Tang Thirty-Six's type of response was useful. This was what was meant by the saying, 'Tactics are useless before absolute strength, foul words defeat wisdom'. Moreover, Tang Thirty-Six was putting himself out there for both him and the Orthodox Academy. So no matter how inappropriate the words were, even if they were incorrect or would bring great troubles to the Orthodox Academy, he still had to stand together with Tang Thirty-Six. It was just that he could never have said such foul words, and only calmly declared, "His words also express my position."

Then it was also the Orthodox Academy's position.

Bie Tianxin cooled down, which actually made him even more dangerous. It seemed like a frigid sword intent was about to break through his clothes.

Chen Changsheng felt like he was seeing Guan Bai on the street again, sword intent flashing across the eyes and a threatening sharpness about the person.

"So it turns out that the both of you were looking to die."

"I don't want to die," Chen Changsheng declared, "but if you had not provoked us, the situation would not have gotten so ugly."

Bie Tianxin turned to Tang Thirty-Six, a smirk on his face, asking, "When you said those four words, could it be that you never inquired about who my mother was?"

If it was an ordinary person who had not known of Bie Tianxin's origins, they would assuredly inquire on his background after hearing these words. If they did know of his origins, who would dare say foul words referring to his parents?

However, Tang Thirty-Six had never been an ordinary person. He mockingly asked, "The Storms of the Eight Directions are important?"

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