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Chapter 515 - A Great Avalanche

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The snowflakes above the bridge all frenziedly danced, surging forward with the temple sword.

In the flurry of snow, Chen Changsheng could only see a wall of white before him.

He couldn't see anything, only sense the frightening power of the sword behind the fog of snow.

He felt like he had entered an illusion, confronting not Xu Yourong's sword, but an avalanche.

The snow and ice that had accumulated for thousands of years on the southern face of Holy Maiden Peak suddenly collapsed and, with the rumbling of snow, surged towards him.

No matter how exquisite his swordplay, would it be able to pierce through this collapsing mountain face?



The two banks of the Luo River were very quiet.

The great ship was even more so, pervaded with an eerie silence.

Both Mao Qiuyu and Linghai Zhiwang said nothing.

Tang Thirty-Six's fists were clenched tightly, but he still could not prevent himself from shaking.

Su Moyu's complexion was rather pale, his lips moving as he muttered something to himself.

At some point, the pupils of Zhexiu's eyes had reddened, and he inwardly increased the strength of the hand which he used to hold the walking stick.

All of this was because of the fog of snow atop the Bridge of Helplessness and the attack behind it.

Tang Thirty-Six and Su Moyu were both keenly aware that they would not be able to receive this attack. Unless they used their life-saving artifacts, they might be heavily injured, or…and this was Xu Yourong's first genuine attack, which also signified that their current selves couldn't even take one of her attacks.

They found this fact rather difficult to accept, yet they were forced to accept it.

Zhexiu thought differently from them, but even he had to acknowledge the terrifying strength of this attack.

Her innate talent was truly too powerful.

Besides Qiushan Jun's blood of the true dragon and Luoluo's White Emperor bloodline, who in the world could contend with it?

Even those peak Star Condensation experts standing at the bow of the ship who were only a step away from the Divine Domain couldn't help but envy Xu Yourong's innate talent. Everyone said that cultivating the Dao was a gift granted by the starry sky to intelligent beings. Was Xu Yourong the gift itself?

However, a rather interesting fact was that even at this moment, when everyone was seeing this attack of Xu Yourong's which carried the force of an avalanche, no one was worried about Chen Changsheng.

Not Tang Thirty-Six, the people of the Orthodox Academy, or anyone else.

Yes, Chen Changsheng's innate talent was very ordinary, but after he returned from Xunyang City to the capital, all the initial level Star Condensation experts that had been defeated at his hand were proof that he was no average upper level Ethereal Opening cultivator.

Xu Yourong's sword energy was like a mountain face collapsing, a great avalanche.

But even more terrifying was her temple sword that followed this blizzard.

Just like how his fastest sword could not be faster than Xu Yourong's, Xu Yourong's strongest sword would find it incapable of breaking through his.

He was calm and serene, his sword held horizontally in front of him, drawn up to his brow.

His action was very natural, identical to the thirty thousand times he had raised the sword in this half-year’s worth of time.

A sword held horizontally was the character '一'.

The cliff was straight and tough, the iron chains appeared, the dam was eternally firm.

This was the Stupid Sword that not even Su Li was able to learn.

The avalanche had come, the howling wind mournfully shrieking and the chunks of snow like arrows.

The temple sword, carrying the wind and snow, heavily chopped down against the Stainless Sword.

This time, when these two swords clashed, there was no crisp clash, but a massive boom.

Like a god in the sky had brought up a metal hammer and smashed it down against a metal board.

All the snow on the bridge was jolted into the air.

Under the bridge, the Luo River rose up and down in turmoil.

The temple sword chopped down!

With its descent, an unimaginably majestic energy fell upon the Stainless Sword.

The ten thousand years of accumulated snow crashing down broke straight through the seemingly firm cliff and poured into the great river, beginning to hammer against the chains and dam in the river!

With an extremely piercing sound, the Stainless Sword ever-so-slightly bent!

The Stupid Sword that had never been broken through after Chen Changsheng had learned it seemed to show signs of crumbling!

He had already prepared himself for this. At some point, his left hand had taken up the Vault Sheath, and with a scraping sound, the Vault Sheath covered the Stainless Sword's edge.

His left hand gripping the sheath, his right hand gripping the hilt of his sword, he held them horizontally in front of him and firmly received this attack.

Booms continued to sound out.

Attacks continued to furiously rain down.


From the wind and snow came the incessant sounds of something very hard being shattered to pieces.

In the snowstorm, one could see Chen Changsheng's figure continuously retreating!

The snowstorm retreated, the Luo River calmed, and the Bridge of Helplessness became clear and bright once more.

Wielding the temple sword, Xu Yourong calmly gazed at him, still not saying a word.

Drawn across the hard surface of the Bridge of Helplessness were two distinct fissures.

Chen Changsheng stood at the end of these two fissures, his feet embedded into the floor. Behind him was a pile of stone fragments.

His shoes and pants were completely shredded and he cut a rather miserable figure.

He suddenly began to cough, his coughs somewhat painful.

It was only one attack.

But he had suffered internal injuries.

The people standing on the two banks of the Luo River couldn't clearly make out the scene on the bridge. They could only see the sudden blizzard and the plumes of dust in the aftermath. Countless cries of shock arose from the crowd.

On the other hand, the great ship was still silent.

Even Linghai Zhiwang and the rest did not aim any jokes or jeers at Chen Changsheng, because regardless of how miserable he was, whether he was wounded or not, he had still managed to receive this strike.

This was enough.

These experts could all clearly see that not even an average initial level Star Condensation cultivator could receive this great avalanche of Xu Yourong's.

This was one of the frightening properties of innate blood talent. Even when her cultivation level was inferior to her opponent's, she could still use her quantity of true essence and strength of spiritual sense to directly suppress them.

Chen Changsheng looked at Xu Yourong, his gaze resting on the white gauze. He realized that he really couldn't see through.

He couldn't see through her. He knew that Xu Yourong was very strong, but he had not expected that this young woman who gave off such an elegant, beautiful and unworldly feeling was actually powerful to this extent. She had surpassed the category of tyrant and faintly entered the category of kings. And wasn't the Phoenix precisely a natural-born king?

After his battles together with her in the Plains of the Unsetting Sun and their conversations on cultivation in the snowy temples, he had believed that Lady Chujian was already the most genius of cultivators and that even Xu Yourong would be lacking. Now, however, he realized that she was even stronger than Lady Chujian.

Xu Yourong slowly walked over through the snowstorm, her right hand casually carrying the temple sword. She was like a fairy that had descended from the clouds, very difficult to associate with that terrifying avalanche of an attack.

The more calm and indifferent she appeared, the more it filled opponents with a sense that she could not be defeated.

How could one defeat such a powerful opponent?

Chen Changsheng had pondered this question for many days, and prepared for seven entire days.

On the Bridge of Helplessness, there was a light clack.

The Stainless Sword was inserted into the sheath. He had not sheathed his sword, but connected the sword hilt to the sword sheath. He had not sheathed his sword, but instead made the sword longer, allowing him to display his abilities to their fullest.

Back in Xunyang City when confronting Zhu Luo, he had once done this. He did it out of respect for his most admired Senior Yu Ren and Wang Po, and it was also out of respect for her who was walking through the snowstorm.

A sword intent appeared on the Bridge of Helplessness amidst the wind and snow.

This sword intent had appeared so suddenly, yet there was nothing strange about it. On the contrary, it was exceptionally open and candid, right and proper, giving off an upright and frank feeling.

This sword intent was very straight, very straightforward.

This sword intent was hot, burning hot.



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