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Chapter 567 - Escaping into the Depths of Mount Han

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

When confronting what was possibly the world's most powerful existence, the most miserable end, Chen Changsheng was afraid, nervous, uneasy…but he did not despair.

He had his fill of despair when he was ten, had gotten used to it and knew it was of no use.

He stared at the middle-aged scholar standing by the distant stream while in his right sleeve, his hand gripped a button.

The middle-aged scholar seemed to sense something and his gaze instantly grew sharper, cold and sharp like a sword. A terrifying Qi dispersed into the surrounding wilderness.

With a boom, the stones in the air were shaken apart by an earthquake.

The snowstorm suddenly intensified and the mountain path grew even colder. With many clatters, the weapons of many cultivators fell to the ground.

Chen Changsheng felt that his right hand was not quite listening to him, almost as if it really was frozen. He actually could not break the button in his palm!

Relying on the steady flow of energy from the array within Mount Han, the several hundred Heavenstones once more descended.

The middle-aged scholar raised his right hand and seemed to flick his finger at the distant mountain path.

An invisible Qi passed through the Heavenstones and reached the mountain path.

Chen Changsheng's right hand had been locked down by the middle-aged scholar's Qi, but his left hand could still move.

With a burst of metal screeching, the metal ball flying out of his sheath unfurled with unimaginable speed.

An old umbrella appeared in Chen Changsheng's left hand.

The Yellow Paper Umbrella.

A rumble resonated through the mountain path. The stream water surged, splashing and turning into countless pieces of snow.

The Qi struck against the surface of the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

An unimaginably berserk power traveled down the Yellow Paper Umbrella and transferred to Chen Changsheng's body.

Chen Changsheng's body was like a small rock struck by a metal hammer. It whistled through the air then heavily struck the firm cliff face!

Dust billowed into the air and then settled back down.

The clear outline of a human could be seen on the cliff face, as well as some stone fragments, but no trace of Chen Changsheng could be seen.



The reason Chen Changsheng was able to escape the middle-aged scholar's Qi lock and use some unfathomable method to vanish was naturally the button that he had been gripping in his palm the entire time.

This was no ordinary button—it was the Thousand Li Button.

Back then, when Luoluo had encountered the demon assassin in the Orthodox Academy, she had once used the Thousand Li Button but had been blocked by the Heavenly Net.

The Heavenly Net was the weapon of the Demon Lord. Although its might was no longer what it once was, it was still enough to restrain the Thousand Li Button.

Now, the Heavenly Net was in the hands of the Great Zhou Imperial Court.

Today in Mount Han, Chen Changsheng had encountered the master of the Heavenly Net. He had used the Thousand Li Button and was not blocked by the Heavenly Net. Instead, he was blocked by a great stone.

At this point, he should have already left the range of Mount Han and rendezvoused with Mao Qiuyu and Linghai Zhiwang at the base of the mountain, yet he still remained within the mountain range.

The several thousand stones floating in the sky had sealed off all of Mount Han, so he could not leave.

A great boulder like a small mountain sat across the mountain path, barring the way.

Chen Changsheng's face was pale beyond belief. The internal injuries in his body exploded, causing him to spit blood onto the stone.

The distant finger of the middle-aged scholar actually faintly surpassed Zhu Luo's sword that he had faced in Xunyang City.

If not for the Yellow Paper Umbrella, he would certainly be dead.

Even so, a hole had appeared on the canvas of the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

Chen Changsheng examined the bloodstain on the stone. Even after confirming that there was no scent, he still could not relax. He took up some dust and covered the stain, then rushed up the mountain path.

In past battles, he very rarely fled, much less abandoned his companions. However, today was different. There was simply no possibility of defeating, or even somewhat resisting, the middle-aged scholar. Moreover, he was keenly aware that the middle-aged scholar's objective was him, so the farther he escaped, the safer his companions were.

So he escaped, escaped with abnormal resolve.

He used the Blazing Sword, ignited his true essence almost without heed for his life, and ran with maddening speed towards the summit of Mount Han.

Amidst the mountains shrouded in darkness, a dragon of dust rose up. In an instant, he was only several li away from the peak.



The stream bank and mountain were both quiet.

The crowd watched as the dust subsided, and stared in shock at the marks left by the collision. Tang Thirty-Six and Zhexiu did not look, maintaining their gazes on the middle-aged scholar by the stream. Even when their faces were pale, their hearts filled with fear, and they knew that they would die in the next moment, they still inflexibly stared.

The middle-aged scholar moved, heading upstream.

The Heavenstone array of Mount Han responded. Several hundred Heavenstones continued to encircle him as they followed.

Zhexiu and Tang Thirty-Six simultaneously moved, rushing towards the middle-aged scholar. They naturally knew that they were no match for the middle-aged scholar, but it was obvious that he had come for Chen Changsheng. Now, he was assuredly heading off in pursuit of Chen Changsheng, so even if they could only delay for a single moment, it was still one moment…

They could not delay the middle-aged scholar, but they did not die.

He was far away from Xuelao City and had come to the human world, so the middle-aged scholar's time was very precious, at least more precious than their lives, so he paid the two no attention.

It was utterly impossible for Zhexiu and Tang Thirty-Six to catch up to the middle-aged scholar's footsteps.

The scholar seemed to move very slowly, but he needed only an instant to reach the distant peak.

Most horrifyingly, he had actually brought those several hundred Heavenstones with him.

Those Heavenstones possessed an unimaginable weight, all of which now rested on the scholar's body, but they could not delay his steps for even a few moments.

A heavy, thunderous rumbling resounded through the mountain range. Countless cliffs collapsed and mountain paths were severed.

This scene was very strange, very shocking, brimming with power and terror.

With the departure of the middle-aged scholar and the Heavenstones, the snowstorm and pressure over the stream and mountain path instantly vanished.

With a boom, the stream water was jolted several hundred zhang into the air and then fell back down like rain.

The cliffs of the mountain path and the grass fiercely shook, with muffled booms ringing out nonstop.

The yellow, lantern-like persimmons on the trees fell one by one. Whether ripe or unripe, they all fell to the ground and were pulped into paste.

Just like the corpses and flesh by the stream bank.



The massive boulder was still quietly floating there. It was so close to the ground that if one drew near, it seemed like a small mountain.

Standing on the cliff opposite, the middle-aged scholar extended his hand and grabbed at it from a distance. The mountainous boulder flew over and fell into his hand.

Compared to this massive boulder, he seemed very insignificant, even almost completely obscured.

A mountain falling into his hand—this sounded somewhat inappropriate, but it truly occurred.

A cold wind suddenly gusted through the night-shrouded cliffs, blowing away the dust on the stone and revealing the still-moist bloodstain.

The middle-aged scholar lowered his head and sniffed. His expression was still indifferent, but he slowly closed his eyes as if intoxicated.

"My child really was not wrong."

The middle-aged scholar opened his eyes and gazed at the bloodstain on the stone. He revealed a faint smile, seeming very satisfied.

The mountains and rivers on his face became even more bright and beautiful, seemed even more full of vitality.

In the next moment, the mountains and rivers dimmed once more.

Because he had arched his brows.

It was still not fully ripe, but he could still use it.

His hidden injury left from the past could be completely cured.

He could finally put down this heavy burden and continue moving forward to the ultimate realm of Grand Liberation.

This thought and the thought of these one thousand long and endless years made even someone like him sigh with emotion.



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