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Chapter 580 - Life Is Precisely Countless Multiple-Choice Questions (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets slightly creased his brow. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying…there is no such thing as fate."

Chen Changsheng raised his head, his eyes calm and resolute. "Then there's no naturally no such thing as a baneful star over one's fate."

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets looked into his eyes and solemnly said, "Fate resides amongst the starry sky."

Chen Changsheng replied, "Then I invite Sir to first calculate and then tell me who I am and what I should do, instead of having me decide on my own what I should do."

"There are very few matters and people that I cannot calculate clearly, but you are one of them." His brow was suddenly tinged with the weathering of time as he spoke, "Because your teacher can conceal heavenly secrets, as can Black Robe. If this is their plot, I have no chance of breaking it."

Upon hearing the name of the Demon Military Advisor, Chen Changsheng's mood became somewhat peculiar. "…This matter is related to Black Robe?"

"If my expectations are not wrong, your arrival at the capital from Xining was a plot targeted at the Empress." Perhaps he had expended too much mental strength from advising Chen Changsheng, but the Elder of Heavenly Secrets seemed rather exhausted. "I cannot clearly calculate how they will act, but there is no doubt that it somehow relates to you."

Chen Changsheng fell silent once more.

He thought of the words Xu Yourong had said to him on that night.

He thought of the conversation Tang Tang had with him many days ago in the Orthodox Academy.

Those words, that conversation, and the opening remarks of the Elder of Heavenly Secrets all directly pointed at his teacher and the Pope.

"I…will not cooperate."

This was a very simple set of words, but it had taken a very long time until Chen Changsheng had been able to push them out of his lips.

Because this signified that he had begun to doubt his teacher and the Pope.

Perhaps his teacher and the Pope were using him for some grand goal.

Just like this trap of Mount Han to heavily injure the Demon Lord.

He could endure it, but he didn't like it.

Once was enough, but not too many times.

"But…what if you've always been a part of this plot?

"What if you've always lived within this plot?

"What if your very existence is a plot?"

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets would not let the matter drop just because of his answer. Instead, he asked with extreme firmness, even cruelty, these three successive questions.

And it still had not ended. Several more questions slapped at Chen Changsheng's face like frigid sleet.

"If you really are Crown Prince Zhaoming, why did Principal Shang and the Pope have you enter the capital?

"Because they thought they could hide you from the Empress's intelligent eyes? No, perhaps they even deliberately let the Empress see you, focus on you.

"Why? Could it be that they were sending you off to the Empress so she could kill you, thus completing her change of fate?

"Chen Changsheng, do not attempt to answer these questions, because when you do see the answers, you will assuredly be a part of an answer.

“Take advantage of the fact that all this has not yet occurred, leave, disappear, and don't let anyone else find you."

Chen Changsheng no longer wished to listen.

He stood up and said to the Elder of Heavenly Secrets, "In fact, if you wish to resolve this problem, there's an even simpler way."


"Just kill me right now."

"No, I will not kill you."


The Elder of Heavenly Secrets gazed calmly back, saying, "Because I will not make the Empress's choice for her."

Chen Changsheng calmly looked back. "Then, I invite Sir to not make the choice for me."

After saying this, he remained no more. He turned and walked into the dense mist beyond the garden.

Gazing at his back, the Elder of Heavenly Secrets said with exhaustion, "Disappear, just like Su Li; this would be the greatest kindness to the world."

Chen Changsheng stopped, but he said nothing.

He took a bite out of the peach in his hands and ventured further into the mist.



The mist gathered and dispersed. People came and went.

Not long after Chen Changsheng left, Xu Yourong came on a boat to the small island in the center of the lake and seated herself in the same position.

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets commented, "In truth, before you and Chen Changsheng, there was another person sitting there."

Xu Yourong asked, "Who?"

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets replied, "Liu Qing."

Xu Yourong thought for a moment before remembering the name.

"I asked Liu Qing what sort of person Chen Changsheng was."

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets continued, "He pondered this question for a very long time, then said to me…Chen Changsheng is a good person."

For a world-renowned assassin to give Chen Changsheng such an evaluation, Xu Yourong felt it a little miraculous.

"Then what about you? In your view, what sort of person is Chen Changsheng?"

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets gazed at her and calmly asked.

This question was asked too calmly. The old man's eyes were also too calm, calm as if he knew many secrets.

No one could tell Xu Yourong's mood. The white gauze drifted in the lake wind, almost becoming one with the mist.

The voice passing through the gauze was very gentle, very sure.

"He is a true person."

Upon hearing this, the Elder of Heavenly Secrets was slightly moved. He did not expect that Xu Yourong would have such a high evaluation of him.

When he thought of what had happened in these past two years and of the matters concerning Chen Changsheng's body, he realized that this evaluation was incredibly accurate.

"To be able to maintain a pure and innocent heart in this vulgar world is truly not easy."

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets sighed, then declared, "Tell the Empress that if Chen Changsheng returns to the capital, kill him. Do not hesitate."

The former statement was one of praise, the latter an order to kill.

Officials filled the capital, every one of them wanting to kill.

The garden was very quiet, the sound of water slapping against the shore exceptionally vivid.

Xu Yourong said nothing, only stared at the elder.

The fluttering white gauze could obscure her sublime features, but it could not obstruct her calm and unyielding gaze.

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets did not match gazes with her. He stood up and held his hands behind him as he gazed out at the mist-covered lake. His voice had no emotion as he said, "If you are unwilling, then take him away. Use love, use will, use the White Crane, use your childhood. Any method is fine. The farther you go, the better."

Xu Yourong stared at the elder's back and asked, "Just what has Sir calculated?"

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets did not turn around. "He was in a coma for three days and three nights, and so I calculated for three days and three nights, yet it is still a dense mist with only a ray of light."

Xu Yourong muttered, "Light?"

"This light is incomparably distinct, just like Su Li's sword."

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets ended, "If he returns to the capital alive, the Empress will die. How will you choose?"



Returning to the house, he stood at the balcony and gazed at the vast lake before him, but Chen Changsheng did not feel any sense of broad-mindedness.

He thought of the final words of the Elder of Heavenly Secrets—to leave, just like Su Li, would be the greatest kindness to the world.

Then where was this world's kindness to Senior Su Li? And where is the kindness to me?

Leaning against the balcony and facing the wind, he thought in silence for a very long time.

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