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Chapter 583 - The Minor Prelude to the Major Event

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Guan Feibai's personality was cold and ruthless, yet also explosively fierce. There was no way he could suffer Tang Thirty-Six’s response, so he coldly yelled back, "This piece of trash that only knows to spend his family's money actually dares to criticize the matters of my Mount Li!"

Tang Thirty-Six teased, "My family just has that much money, and it's none of your goddamn business. In addition, last year, I only needed three days to buy up Clear Lake Restaurant. Do I also have to tell you about it?"

Guan Feibai coldly snorted, then said, "Then as for the matters between my Mount Li Sword Sect and that wolf youth, isn't that also none of your goddamn business? If you really have so much free time on your hands, why don't you hurry up and learn a few more sword techniques, or why else would the sole grandson of the magnificent Tang clan not even be able to enter the Proclamation of Golden Distinction?"

Tang Thirty-Six's complexion flared at these words. It must be known that his failure to enter the Proclamation of Golden Distinction was his greatest regret. Although finding out that Zhexiu and Su Moyu had failed to enter the ranking as well had improved his mood, it had to be said that this fellow before him currently had his name in that ranking.

He clenched his teeth and retorted, "You keep talking and talking, but it's all nonsense! What right do you have to care about the mutual affection between Zhexiu and Qi Jian? If you really have all that time to spare, and you can't even surpass Zhong Hui, then you might as well practice your cooking! ****, fried peppers and dried meat, and you actually added sugar! Is your brain broken or do you southerners generally practice such outlandish cooking methods?"

"Besides Chen Changsheng, whose cooking actually tasted good?"

Guan Feibai angrily roared, "Let's not even talk about cooking; even when washing dishes, you would break seven out of ten, and you have the gall to say my cooking is bad?"

What they were speaking of was naturally a story from when they were all living in the small house left behind by Xun Mei when viewing monoliths and comprehending the Dao in the Mausoleum of Books.

The relationship between the Orthodox Academy and the Mount Li Sword Sect was truly rather complicated. It was very difficult to describe it in a few words, especially with regards to this generation of youths.

This was the case whether one was discussing that engagement, the relationship between the world-famous Qiushan Jun and Xu Yourong, or the competition between the two sides. From the Ivy Festival to the Grand Examination, these events at the very beginning, the two sides were of course natural rivals, even enemies. But in the Mausoleum of Books, the two sides had lived under the same roof, eaten from the same pot, viewed the monoliths and comprehended the Dao together. With this shared experience, the hostility gradually faded and they began to grow familiar with each other. And after Chen Changsheng escorted Su Li ten thousand li back south, a rather significant friendship developed between the two parties.

In the end, however, they were still youths, still young cultivating geniuses. The youths of the Orthodox Academy and the Divine Kingdom's Six Laws of the Mount Li Sword Sect were the two groups of youths viewed most optimistically and were often compared by others. The competition between the two seemed bound to persist for a long time; who would truly admit that they were inferior?

The atmosphere in the house was growing more and more tense as the quarrel between Tang Thirty-Six and Guan Feibai got louder and louder, fiercer and fiercer. Although, even until the end, both sides maintained some reason—especially Tang Thirty-Six, who did not treat Guan Feibai like he did the challengers from the other Ivy Academies, directly sending regards to the other party's eighteen generations of ancestors—this argument still ended up stoking some true flames.

Guan Feibai's face was very pale. It wasn't because he had applied powder to his face, nor due to an injury, but because he had been angered. "Senior Brother, I can't hold back anymore, I want to challenge him in the Boiling Stone Summit!"

Upon hearing this, Liang Banhu's expression flickered. It must be known that before coming, Gou Hanshi had informed them that although the Mount Li Sword Sect and Orthodox Academy could not be considered sworn friends, they weren't enemies either. In the Boiling Stone Summit, unless it was absolutely necessary, it was best that they not fight each other.

Tang Thirty-Six was also furious, calling out, "Chen Changsheng, you can endure it, but I can't! In the Boiling Stone Summit, you had definitely better beat this guy into mincemeat!"

As he spoke, everyone very naturally turned to Gou Hanshi and Chen Changsheng.

Yet where were the figures of Gou Hanshi and Chen Changsheng in this room?

"Where are they?" Tang Thirty-Six asked in surprise.

"They left," Zhexiu answered. He then turned to Guan Feibai and declared with an indifferent expression, "In the summit, I will challenge you."

So saying, he turned and left the house.

Guan Feibai stood in a daze for a few moments before finally reacting. As he gazed at Zhexiu's back, he sneered, "You think I'm afraid of you?"

On the side, Tang Thirty-Six shot back, "If you're not afraid of him, why did you just stand there doing nothing?"

Fuming, Guan Feibai replied, "If you've got the skill, why don't you step up! One moment you're calling on Chen Changsheng, the next you're letting him do it. Do you know the meaning of shame?"

Tang Thirty-Six's expression remained unchanging as he replied, "I don't even care for face, so how can I even know how the word 'shame' is written? Not convinced? Then bite me."



Chen Changsheng and Gou Hanshi had long since departed the room. Coming to a high balcony, they stood by the railing and gazed at the lake.

Chen Changsheng was keenly aware that the quarrel in the house could not be ended in such a short time, and there was no meaning to it. The only purpose in staying around to listen was to defile one's ears.

"Just why is this the case?" Chen Changsheng turned to Gou Hanshi and very seriously asked, "Hybrids of human and demi-human blood truly are heavily discriminated against, but I also know very well that the Mount Li Sword Sect…at least Senior Su Li is not that sort of person. Why does he insist on blocking this marriage?"

Gou Hanshi knew that Chen Changsheng was a very straightforward person. Without enough reasons, it was simply impossible to convince him, so he straightforwardly replied, "Zhexiu doesn't have much longer to live."

Chen Changsheng had thought of many reasons, and with Xu Yourong's help, he had also heard about similar arguments, but he had not expected…that it really would be this way.

"Zhexiu's body truly does conceal some hidden dangers, but they absolutely can be treated."

He had been treating Zhexiu for a very long time, and was still treating him now. He knew that an odd illness like the Tide Rush of Blood was truly difficult to treat. However, with the abundant experience he had gained from reconstructing Luoluo's and Xuanyuan Po's meridians, he believed that sooner or later, he would be able to find a perfect treatment solution.

Gou Hanshi glanced at him in surprise, saying, "You know?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "I've already begun treating him."

Gou Hanshi contemplated this, then shook his head. "Martial Granduncle has determined that he will die young. It's impossible for you to cure him."

Chen Changsheng rebutted, "In other aspects, I'm inferior to Senior Su Li, but he's no match for me in this aspect."

Gou Hanshi thought of that teacher of his who had traveled far and wide and realized that this really was the case.

At present, Daoist Ji's name was not too widely known in the world, but several centuries ago, he had been the world's most renowned doctor.

Let alone the fact that his true identity was Principal Shang of the Orthodox Academy.

"You can convince me, but on this matter, you first have to convince Martial Granduncle. Or else I will not agree to Zhexiu coming to Mount Li to see her," Gou Hanshi warned.”

Chen Changsheng replied, "What need is there for this? They're just seeing each other. I'll guarantee that nothing else will occur."

Gou Hanshi gazed at him and calmly said, "That is Mount Li, the sect of myriad swords. Don't think about those stories of elopement written in books."

The youths of the Orthodox Academy truly had thought in this direction and had even secretly made preparations. Upon being so easily exposed with a single sentence, Chen Changsheng couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed.

"If you're sure that you can cure Zhexiu's illness, why can't you wait until you cure him and then talk about this matter?"

Gou Hanshi had voiced the most crucial question.

Chen Changsheng replied, "Lovesickness is also an illness. Zhexiu is still doing okay, but what of Qi Jian?"

Gou Hanshi recalled his junior sister's furious yells on that night and didn't know how to respond. After a long while, he finally said, "I will relay your words to her."

Chen Changsheng felt somewhat relieved, thinking, as long as she can hold onto some hope, Qi Jian will probably have an easier time living in Mount Li.



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