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Chapter 590 - Wait for What?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The lake wind poured into the sleeve of the Daoist robe, causing it to flap about like a great flag.

The Stainless Sword pierced through the air as if it was about to ignite.

Out of respect, and also because of Guan Bai's strength, Chen Changsheng did not hold anything back. He used his most powerful Blazing Sword, and the position and angle of his attack were naturally chosen by the Intellectual Sword.

This attack seemed incomparably straight, but in reality, its course was constantly fluctuating.

Guan Bai quietly stood at his original position, his sword unmoving, his Domain already formed.

With a rip, a small hole appeared on Chen Changsheng's sleeve.

His sword had also already arrived in front of Guan Bai.

In the wilderness, Su Li had once said that it was very difficult to find a perfect Star Domain in the current world.

But the present situation was completely different from what Su Li had spoken of. It was not because Chen Changsheng's sword could not find the gap in Guan Bai's Star Domain, but because Guan Bai had voluntarily opened his Star Domain.

It was very similar to the decision Liang Wangsun had made when confronting Chen Changsheng's sword in Xunyang City.

They were both experts of the Proclamation of Liberation and so their knowledge of how to deal with opponents often had similarities.

Although Guan Bai had cultivated to a high level on the path of the sword, he did not believe that he could firmly defeat a Chen Changsheng that had personally received instruction on the path of the sword by Su Li.

If he was unable to hold an absolute advantage in terms of swordplay, then instead of forming his Star Domain and passively waiting for his opponent's attacks, it would be better to rely on his advantage in cultivation to firmly receive Chen Changsheng's attacks.

Guan Bai's sword firmly slashed down.

He utterly disregarded Chen Changsheng's attack.

Because he had cultivated to a level far above Chen Changsheng, he believed that his sword would undoubtedly be faster and heavier than Chen Changsheng's, so Chen Changsheng would undoubtedly have to withdraw his sword to defend.

Even greater talent and more exquisite swordplay could not change this fact.

Guan Bai's sword was like a waterfall falling from the sky, carrying along the rumbling of thunder as it descended towards Chen Changsheng. He could only halt his steps and draw back his sword.

This sword that had never turned back in the past was now forced back.

Both the Blazing Sword and the Intellectual Sword had lost their meaning. These two most powerful sword techniques that he had learned from Su Li had been so easily broken.

Fortunately, Su Li had taught him three swords in total, and the third sword was the most ideal for defense.

The Stainless Sword somewhat awkwardly returned in front of him and then was somewhat clumsily inclined towards the sky to meet that waterfall descending from above.

Waterfalls were all found on mountains, and even the firmest mountain would have a deep pool carved from it by the surging of the waterfall.

But within these deep pools could always be seen a few stones covered in moss, washed by water for a thousand years yet unmoving and unwavering. The firmness was there.

Just like the dagger in Chen Changsheng's hand.

This was the sword that not even Su Li had been able to learn.

Guan Bai's sword energy was like a surging tide but it could not smash through Chen Changsheng's defense.

The sunlight shining over the lake shore instantly seemed to greatly weaken.

Because the clash of two swords was giving forth countless golden stars, as beautiful as a tree of fire.


Chen Changsheng was forced back several dozen zhang before finally managing to steady his body.

His Daoist robe was torn, his leather boots coming apart, and a distinct line was drawn on the stone platform.

Guan Bai did not give him any chance to catch his breath, following his sword in pursuit.

He used the Heavenly Dao Academy's Sword of Hithering Light. Solely in terms of speed, it could be considered without equal.

Countless sword glows illuminated the eyes of the crowd.

It was like the surface of the lake under the sun was covered with innumerable golden lines.

The crisp clashing of swords rang out incessantly, concentrated together until they ultimately became a straight line, dry and monotonous yet also particularly fear-inspiring, like the highest note that could be blown from a flute.

Guan Bai's powerful sword intent rose higher and higher, accompanied by these crisp clashes.

The sword glows over the stone platform became increasingly dazzling, making it difficult for the crowd to look at them directly.

The spectators grew increasingly tense.

Guan Bai's cultivation on the path of the sword was far too powerful.

No matter how exquisite Chen Changsheng's swordplay, how long could he possibly last?

Based on the situation in front of them, the conclusion of this battle already seemed decided.

Xu Yourong sat behind the curtains, no one able to see the concern in the depths of her eyes. Those South Stream Temple disciples waiting upon her saw her tightly clenched hands and still believed that she was growing excited from seeing Chen Changsheng about to lose at his opponent's sword.

The array laid out by the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets had long since been activated, countless strands of powerful Qi pouring out of the gray stone by the lake shore and forming a faint barrier of clear light that cut off the two fighters from the outside world.

That clashing of swords that seemed like a straight line finally broke. This did not mean that Guan Bai was no longer able to sustain such a fierce attack. On the contrary, this meant that his sword intent had reached its peak and he no longer needed to deliberately condense sword energy. Now, he could wield his sword freely.

The sword intent became even more awe-inspiring, scoring countless smooth cracks through the stone platform. Even the clear light enveloping the platform faintly showed signs of being cut.

Chen Changsheng and Guan Bai began moving faster and faster, almost transforming into streams of light. They incessantly rushed about the platform at high speeds, hard to see clearly. As for what specific sword techniques the two of them were using, besides the rare few like the Elder of Heavenly Secrets and Linghai Zhiwang, no one could clearly make them out.

After some time had passed, the two figures finally parted.

As the dust settled, the two quietly stared at each other, separated by ten-odd zhang.

Guan Bai was the same as before without the slightest change. On the other hand, Chen Changsheng’s appearance was even sorrier than before. Innumerable cuts had been made in his Daoist robe, his face was pale, and the hand holding the Stainless Sword was trembling.

Everyone could see that he had suffered significant injuries and was on the verge of collapse, but no one would view him with contempt or disappointment because of this. That he was able to last so long against Guan Bai's sword was already an extraordinary feat. It could not be forgotten that although he was the next Pope, a genius that everyone had high hopes for, he was still a youth not even fully seventeen.

Countless gazes fell on Chen Changsheng's body, everyone waiting to hear his concession.

Conceding was not shameful. No one could win forever. Even people like Zhou Dufu and Su Li had to experience these sorts of things when they were young.

However, in the next moment, Chen Changsheng said something that no one had expected.

He gazed at Guan Bai and said, "Can I trouble Sir to wait for me just a little longer?"

Guan Bai's expression was very calm because he had long thought of this possibility. He had always been waiting for Chen Changsheng, had already waited for a whole year, so why would he care about waiting a little longer?

He crossed his legs and sat on the ground, closing his eyes.

This was his response to Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng looked at him and said with sincerity, "Thank you."

After saying this, he also crossed his legs and sat on the ground, closing his eyes in meditation.

At this point of this battle of swords, both sides had suddenly sat down on the ground and begun to meditate.

This scene was truly a little too bizarre.

The crowd was greatly confused, the sounds of their conversations gradually increasing.

Many people did not understand the meaning of Chen Changsheng asking Guan Bai to wait a little longer.

But some people faintly understood.

Linghai Zhiwang's complexion became incredibly unsightly.

Mao Qiuyu's face revealed an expression of delight.

Gou Hanshi was first shocked, then he silently smiled.

The Elder of Heavenly Secrets, however, creased his brow.

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