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Chapter 66 The White Crane as Proof
“Why are you so sure that my words are false?”

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the people in the palace and asked. His expression was serious because he was really angry.

“I never heard from my niece You Rong that she has a fiance like you.”

The woman wearing the white gown stood up slowly and looked at him. She saw the angry expression of the youngster and was a little nervous. She thought back to her senior’s actions these months. Perhaps what this youngster said were true?

“What’s your proof?”

Chen Chang Sheng answered, “I have the marriage vow.”

Xiao Song Gong’s face was cold and he yelled sharply, “No one will believe you even if you take out the Book as proof.”

“I believe him.”

A crispy voice was heard in the palace. The voice was like two pearls hitting each other. It was beautiful but firm.

Luo Luo scoffed, “My Master is more than qualified to marry anyone.”

The palace was filled with silence. People were shocked and had no words to say. They thought to themselves, does this little girl from Tradition Academy know what she’s saying? That youngster is her Master? Isn’t he just a garbage that couldn’t even reach the Purification stage? How come in her words, Xu You Rong should be proud of marrying him? Is he more outstanding than Qiu Shan Jun?

Luo Luo didn’t care what other people thought. She looked at Chen Chang Sheng admiringly and said, “Master, you are the best!”

“I also believe him.” Tang Thirty Six glanced around the people of the palace and said, “This guy is the real deal. No matter what he did I wouldn’t be surprised, speak less of him being the fiance of Xu Young Rong. Even if he said he was the son of Demon Emperor, I would believe him as well.”

Zhuang Huan Yu saw the expressions of the southern ambassador faces and wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and yelled, “Stop talking!”

Tang Thirty Six’s face turned cold and didn’t bother with him. He looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “No wonder you are prouder of yourself than me. You have a fiancee like this. You should be proud of……this thing. I admire you.”

Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six spoke from their heart. They actually admired Chen Chang Sheng. But in the eyes of the southern ambassadors, they were belittling them when they supported Chen Chang Sheng.

The elder, Xiao Song Gong yelled furiously, “Mountain Li is the leader of the south and praised by the people of this world. When the First Emperor established this kingdom, he decorated a title for us. Tai Zong Emperor even praised Mountain Li as the master of all people. Right now the Divine Queen who is in power respects Mountain Li! I never thought I would see the day. A young child wants to destroy the seven thousand years of fame of my sect tonight! If Zhou Government doesn’t take care of these young fellows here, I will take care of them myself!”

Although he was not the only elder of Mountain Li’s Sword Sect, but he was of an old generation and his xiuxing stage was extremely high as well — just one more step to enter the Saint stage. In tonight’s Wei Yang Palace, he and principal of Heavenly Academy, Mao Qiu Yu, were the strongest two.

Right now in his rage, his aura was released. Green light emitted faintly from his thin face and a powerful pressure bursted out of his thin body. It skipped more than ten yards of distance and arrived at the palace door while circling around Chen Chang Sheng.

A step to Saint stage, what a terrifying level that is! Chen Chang Sheng, who didn’t even enter Purification and even Zhuang Huan Yu, who’s ranked tenth of the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, couldn’t even stand up firmly in front of Xiao Song Gong’s pressure. The difference of stage didn’t matter. What mattered was the natural strength of a powerful xiuxingist.

Everyone thought Chen Chang Sheng would kneel on the floor the next moment. No one believed that no reaction would come out of him besides the fact that his expression got heavier.

Chen Chang Sheng just endured the terrifying pressure from that Black Mighty Dragon earlier in the underground. Even the might of a dragon couldn’t make him kneel, so how will Xiao Song Gong’s pressure do so? Even if the elder of Mountain Li’s Sword Sect is powerful, how would he compare to the black dragon?

Tang Thirty Six didn’t know about this situation and felt that terrifying pressure. He was a little worried and pushed aside the guards circling around and stared at Xiao Xong Gong while yelling, “Is the elder going to bully a child?”

Luo Luo stood in front of Chen Chang Sheng because of this she personally felt the powerful pressure and knew she wasn’t an opponent against Xiao Song Gong. Although she always thought Chen Chang Sheng was hiding her strength and should be able to counter this level of attack, she still got angry.

This guy dare to put pressure on her Master!

She yelled furiously, “You stupid short log. You want to bully people just because you are old!”

The palace fell into silence once again. Everyone was shocked. They were shocked that they heard something so unbelievable.

Xiao Song Gong was surprised as well. Someone dared to yell at him?

The young men of Mountain Li stood at and glanced coldly at the direction of the door.

Guan Fei Bai’s was expressionless and prepared to fight.

If the emperor was shamed, then his officials should fight until death. If one’s master was shamed, how should his apprentice react?

Just at a close moment like this, the bishop opened his eyes once again.

With sleepiness, he looked at the warring two sides and sighed, “You guys are not children anymore. The side who’s louder isn’t the side with reason. The thing we should do right now isn’t to look at the marriage vow that this young fellow spoke of?”

This sentence was just like the last sentence of his, it was undisputable.

From the moment Chen Chang Sheng stepped into the palace until now, no one asked to look at the marriage vow that he mentioned. Everyone in the palace wanted to express their attitude and had no trust in Chen Chang Sheng’s words. However, they all knew that checking the marriage vow is the first thing that should be done.

The bishop wanted to check the marriage vow which showed that he was ready to believe Chen Chang Sheng.

Thinking about his previous protection of Chen Chang Sheng and the resurrection of Tradition Academy earlier this year and the recent turmoils in the capital, people finally realized that he had a background in the Tradition Academy!

“They shamed the elder of my sect. Would I just let it go?” Guan Fei Bai spoke coldly.

The bishop smiled tiredly and said, “First we should finish this marriage business. Then you and that young girl can fight however you want. I promise, no one will stop you.”

Prince Chen Liu knew Luo Luo’s identity. Obviously he wouldn’t just let the southern ambassadors fight with her. He spoke up and calmed the ambassadors down while asking Chen Chang Sheng, “You said you have the marriage vow as proof. Is the marriage vow currently on you?”

“Of course not,” Chen Chang Sheng said, “Although I’m not afraid of the marriage vow getting destroyed because there are copies in Palace Li, I don’t want that trouble.”

Luo Luo took out the marriage vow from her sleeve and handed it to him.

Chen Chang Sheng handed that marriage vow to the guard and walked towards the inside of the palace.

Everyone’s eyes were on that marriage vow.

“Some people did a lot of things so this marriage vow wouldn’t appear in front of people of this world. Sadly, they didn’t succeed.”

He looked at Xu Shi Ji and Lady Mo Yu who were on the platform and said, “In fact, I told those people, I was actually here to forfeit the marriage. But if these things didn’t happen, this marriage vow should be in the Xu Mansion right now and hid somewhere that couldn’t be found by anyone.”

“But the sad thing is, there is no ‘if’ and ‘but’.”


This marriage vow seemed to be no different from any other marriage vow of Zhou Dynasty. It has clear conditions and meanings. But in fact, this marriage was special because it stated clearly that only the male side could forfeit and the witness was the Pope!

Even if there are copies of this marriage vow in Palace Li, no one could destroy this marriage vow either because on this piece of paper, the Pope enchanted his powerful seal. The moment anyone destroys this marriage vow, the seal would also be destroyed. This would be a heavy insult to the Pope.

Chen Chang Sheng earlier said that after Xu Shi Ji obtained the marriage vow, he would hide it in somewhere that couldn’t be found. He didn’t say he will rip it into pieces or burn it into ashes. In the several months of time after he came to the capital, Dong Yu General’s Mansion never tried to steal the marriage vow and destroy it because of this reason.

This kind of special marriage vow was easy to identify as real or false.

The palace was dead silent. For a long time, no one spoke out. The head of Family Qiu Shan’s face was gloomy and all of the southern ambassadors were angry because they got scammed. Even the students and staffs who joined the Ivy Festival weren’t happy.

The evolution of this event disregarded everyone’s expectations. A beautiful tale that was viewed by the world became a joke. An extra person interrupted the beginning of a destined couple. No one was happy. They looked at Chen Chang Sheng with complex eyes.

Just like this youngster said, there were no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’

But if time could go back, people would definitely not want to hear what Chen Chang Sheng had to say.

What should they do now?

People were confused and they didn’t know what to do.

The Family of Qiu Shan came to propose, but Chen Chang Sheng took out a marriage vow!

The people of south ambassadors instinctively glanced at a certain spot.

Gou Han Shi was sitting there.

The people of the south all looked at him because everyone knew he was wise. Although the elder of Mountain Li was there, the aunt of teaching from Mountain Virgin was there, and even the head of Family of Qiu Shan was there, people instinctively placed the hope of solving this problem on him.

Even after so much happened, his expression was still calm. He looked at Chen Chang Sheng with interest and value, not caution and anger.

He never spoke.

Guan Fei Bai looked at him and said, “Senior””

Gou Han Shi stood up and looked at Chen Chang Sheng. His smile was warm and friendly.

“We all say that a marriage is of the wish from the parents and the words of the matchmaker. You have the marriage in your hand and therefore you have the words. But the wish of the parents is on our side, but…….”

Just when everyone thought this genius of Mountain Li who was known for his wisdom was about to debate with Chen Chang Sheng, he suddenly switched his tone and said seriously, “But these are not important because the ones who are entering marriage is not the parent nor the matchmaker, but the bride and groom. The world knew that my senior and sister Xu knew each other when they were young and the relationship between them is unbreakable. Even if the marriage vow in your hand is real, should my sister of teaching just marry to you like this?”

After finishing his sentence, everyone in the palace all nodded.

Xu You Rong is the most beautiful pearl in Zhou Dynasty. Should she marry to a person just because that guy has a marriage vow in his hand?

Wouldn’t it just be dropping a pearl into the dirt?

Would the Pope agree to something like this to happen?

Even if the marriage vow is real, if she wanted to marry Qiu Shan Jun, could anyone stop her?

Although this view may be illogical, it seemed quite logical after Gou Han Shi said it. The people in the palace needed this kind of logic.

Gou Han Shi looked at Chen Chang Sheng warmly and said, “If you truly cared about sister Xu, shouldn’t you respect her opinion? As a man, you should have this kind of attitude.”

Although his word seemed warm and generous, it was sharp and dangerous.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at this person and was silent.

Everyone in the palace waited for his answer.

Just at this moment, a loud cry was heard from the night sky outside of the palace.

A white crane landed stylishly.

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