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Chapter 80 – A Battle That Will Immediately Go Down in History?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The vagrants in the wilderness rarely walked the official roads, and the Wind and Rain Sword of Mount Zhong just so happened to have an officious air about it. People of a temple might feel afraid that climbing a mountain could be laborious, but they would still be able to find means for dealing with sword techniques. This being the case, when Gou Hanshi lightly spoke and Guan Feibai's sword seemed to have a mind of its own, instantly going from the wilderness to the temple, the longsword straightforward and upright, noble and stately, how could it be broken?

In an instant, countless possibilities flashed through Chen Changsheng's mind, yet he could not find a single way of breaking it. A powerful sword technique like the Three Forms of Wenshui, which brought blazing death, would probably be able to deal with it, but he had never taught it to Luoluo, and those strange and dangerous sword techniques he knew were above Luoluo's current level of strength.

Now, he finally felt a feeling that he had never experienced before, recalled those words that he had never thought would apply to him: 'It is when you are using what you have learned in books that you wish you had read more books than you have.'

He had read countless Daoist scriptures, but there was truly a massive gap with regards to his knowledge on cultivation. Of course, the three thousand scriptures of the Great Dao encompassed all knowledge in the world. As long as he was given two years, he was absolutely confident in his ability to convert the contents of the Daoist Canon into knowledge of cultivation, even daring to speak of victory against Gou Hanshi, but right now, he still could not do it.

He had read too few books, and in the end, there had just been too little time.

If he had enough time, he could know even more, and could also teach Luoluo even more.

But right now, he could not find a sword technique that could help Luoluo break Guan Feibai's Mountain Gate Sword.

Seeing Luoluo's childish face, seeing the focus on her brow, seeing the absolute confidence in her eyes, Chen Changsheng felt rather ashamed.

He did not attribute this predicament to Luoluo's not knowing all the sword techniques he knew, because this was the equivalent of pushing the responsibility onto her. On that night in the Orthodox Academy, he and that girl met for the first time. After that night, she placed all her trust on him, so he had to bear all the responsibility.

If possible, he was willing to act just as he had on that night, standing in front of her to confront the net, or sword, falling from the heavens.

But tonight, he could only stand behind, to help her confront her foe.

At this moment, Chen Changsheng's eyes suddenly glowed for an instant.

He thought of that night in the Orthodox Academy, thought of that demon expert, and thus, thought of a way.

If he could not break the sword, then he could momentarily avoid it, just as Gou Hanshi had taught Qi Jian earlier. As long as he could avoid the transition from wilderness to temple's first strike, his opponent's sword energy would be exhausted in the following attacks. It would no longer be so powerful without equal, its sword intent no longer boundless without the slightest gap.

How to avoid this strike was naturally also a rather difficult question.

If a sword technique could not be found to break it, then they should use a movement technique to break it!

"Xue Qing!

"Bing Hu!

"Yu Xuan!"

Chen Changsheng took one step forward and shouted out three phrases.

These were three stars in the night sky representing three locations. At the same time, they represented three different dodging postures.

In this world, only one movement technique could be so simply yet so precisely described.

Luoluo grasped her whip, the tip of her feet slightly moving, her body slightly swaying.

A stream of clear wind stirred up over the plaza.

For some reason, she had appeared several zhang away!

Guan Feibai's sword struck nothing but air!

A soft 'oh' came from the stone steps in front of the palace, a reflection of the crowd's surprise.

The hand Mao Qiuyu was using to stroke his beard stiffened.

Gou Hanshi's expression became extremely solemn as he subconsciously took a step forward.

"Yeshi Step?"

The movement technique Luoluo had just used truly shocked many people.

Because it looked very much like the Yeshi Step used by the demon experts of Xuelao City!

Only after a moment did Mao Qiuyu and the other powerful figures present make out that it was not the true Yeshi Step, but a simplified version, or perhaps a simple movement technique that looked superficially similar.

But this was already enough to escape Guan Feibai's sword!

Gou Hanshi's expression was still solemn, still in deep shock.

Even if it was only the simplified version, or a move with the same appearance, to be able to simplify it or imitate it was enough to prove that this person understood the Yeshi Step!

The Yeshi Step was an internal secret of some demon tribe!

Where did this youth learn it?

"Thirteen Returns to the West!"

Without hesitation, Chen Changsheng continued to speak, not paying attention to the shocked gazes of the crowd nor glancing at Gou Hanshi.

After using the imitation Yeshi Step to help Luoluo avoid Guan Feibai's Mountain Gate Sword and all its accumulated energy, he decided to counterattack!

When he spoke the words 'Thirteen Returns to the West', his eyes were very clear.

Because his mind was very calm.

He was calm because he was very confident that in the next moment, Luoluo would obtain victory.

Thirteen Returns to the West was the sword technique of some tribe in the north. In truth, the sword style to which this technique belonged had no name, but if one insisted on the name, then in the 'Records of the Return North', some virtuous predecessor of the Orthodoxy had recorded it as the Sword Beyond the Wall.

No one knew this sword style, and even Chen Changsheng had only skimmed it a few times from a book under the prayer mats of Xining Village's old temple when he was ten years old.

This book was not in the three thousand scriptures of the Dao. It was only a travelogue, a simple travelogue.

Previously, Gou Hanshi had used the Donglin Seven Star Sword and other such obscure sword techniques from small sects to put him and Luoluo in a difficult situation. Now, it was his turn to use an even obscurer sword technique to win!

Right now, Luoluo and Guan Feibai were separated by ten-odd zhang, both under the Eastern Star, and the locations of the stars were just right. This was precisely the situation he had been waiting for.

The positions of the two were ideal for the extraordinary splendor of the Sword Beyond the Wall to burst forth, for the mad gale to mow down the grasslands!

As long as Luoluo used Thirteen Returns to the West, then with the ability she had obtained in these several months of bitter cultivation, this match was certain to end in the Orthodox Academy's win.

Gou Hanshi's gaze had never left Chen Changsheng.

He saw the composure and confidence in Chen Changsheng's eyes.

He heard the name of the sword technique Chen Changsheng called out, yet he could not think of which sword manual it originated from.

There was a sword technique in this world that he did not know?

Somewhat shocked, Gou Hanshi stared at Luoluo's hand, preparing to respond, yet he discovered that for the first time in these sorts of matches, he felt a lack of confidence.

There was only silence in front of the palace, the wind noiselessly blowing across the plaza.

Many people sensed that this sword technique was meant to be Chen Changsheng's winning blow.

Everyone gazed at Luoluo, waiting to see just how mighty this Thirteen Returns to the West was.

After quite some time had passed, Luoluo finally moved.

She turned to Chen Changsheng and said rather pitifully, "Teacher, I also don't know it…"

In front of the palace hall, Mao Qiuyu sighed.

"Thirteen Returns to the West? …Long time no see."

His face was somewhat emotional, somewhat sentimental, somewhat sorrowful, yet also tinged with a smile.

"If Her Highness knew this technique, the Orthodox Academy would have probably won tonight."

There was no 'if'. Luoluo had not been able to use the legendary Thirteen Returns to the West, so the battle continued.

It was just an interlude.

Chen Changsheng was somewhat startled, yet he did not feel any sense of setback. On the contrary, this interlude had let him shake off all his tension, and he immediately spoke the name of another technique.

He once again returned to the Wind and Rain Sword of Mount Zhong.

Gou Hanshi gave a faint smile and responded once more with the Donglin Seven Star Sword.

In a single response, or perhaps in a single moment of harmony, the situation returned to what it was in the past.

It was a quiet beauty like a tiny breeze and fine rain falling in a green forest.

But just when the spectators felt things calming down, the wind and rain suddenly increased in speed.

"The seventh move."

"Mountain Gate Sword eleventh."

"Zhou Sect Sword return."

"Golden Crow Sword opening."

"Falling Golden Crow!"

"Third Sword!"

Chen Changsheng and Gou Hanshi's voices got faster and faster!

The moment one spoke a technique, the other immediately responded. Earlier, there would be the occasional pause, time required to think, but now there was no pause between the two, not a single break!

The spectators almost didn't have time to listen, so just what time did the two have to think!

Their voices became faster and faster, so Luoluo and Guan Feibai naturally began to use techniques at a faster and faster speed.

In a few moments, the two had each used several dozen techniques.

The sword styles of the Mount Li Sword Sect's various halls and mountain gates were all displayed with Guan Feibai's single sword.

The old sword techniques of the past on the yellowed papers in the Orthodox Academy's library reappeared today through Luoluo's hands.

There was no slackening, no rest.

Chen Changsheng and Gou Hanshi continued to call out techniques.

Luoluo and Guan Feibai continued to use them.

Sword intent like the wind raged through the darkness. Sword intent like the rain flooded down to the ground.

With the passing of time, countless sword techniques and countless movement techniques were displayed on the plaza in front of the Weiyang Palace.

Some sword techniques were clearly from different sword styles, but they were spoken together by Chen Changsheng or Gou Hanshi, then used together by Luoluo or Guan Feibai, actually connecting like a rainbow, as if the connection was natural!

Some sword techniques were clearly famed as part of a combination sword style, yet they were forcefully broken apart by Chen Changsheng or Gou Hanshi, only having Luoluo or Guan Feibai use the latter part of the sword style after ten-odd moves, yet surprisingly producing results!

The crowd on the steps watched in stupefaction, occasionally shouting out cries of alarm.

"This way is also okay?"

"What sort of technique was that?"

"Teacher, this technique is too unreasonable, isn't it?"

"Martial Uncle, do you know this technique?"

The night was late, the many stars twinkled, and the sky was filled with sword glows.

Tonight, this match between the Orthodox Academy and the Mount Li Sword Sect meant to open a fresh path between the two had the spectating teachers and students of the capital, and the people of the southern diplomatic mission, so enchanted that they seemed idiots.

The deep knowledge and ability displayed by Chen Changsheng and Gou Hanshi was shocking, but the two people on the plaza raising their swords made the crowd want to prostrate themselves in admiration.

From the beginning until now, Chen Changsheng and Guan Feibai had already called out several hundred sword techniques. Other than the Thirteen Returns to the West, Luoluo and Guan Feibai had been able to use them all, and without a single flaw or mistake, to an almost perfect level. Just how difficult a task was this!

Principal Mao Qiuyu's earlier evaluation had already shamed the students of the capital's academies. The Mount Li Sword Sect's nurturing of its disciples had truly surpassed the Great Zhou Dynasty, as the Divine Kingdom's Seven Laws were truly all extraordinary people who diligently and persistently cultivated. But what about the girl, the White Emperor's sole daughter who had such an incomparably lofty status? How had she been able to endure so much hardship, to learn so many sword techniques?

The cries of alarm gradually grew softer and the sounds of discussion gradually vanished.

The silence in front of the hall represented reverence.

As Mao Qiuyu gazed at the plaza, he suddenly said, "The battle in Luoyang between Zhou Dufu and His Majesty Taizong probably did not surpass this."

Hearing these words, those important figures close to him instantly had a change in expression.

Xu Shiji was quiet because he had no idea what to say.

Prince Chen Liu said in surprise, "Principal, where do these words come from?"

Just what sort of person was Zhou Dufu? The man publicly acclaimed as the strongest man on the continent in a thousand years! And what sort of person was Emperor Taizong! Tonight's battle between the students of the Orthodox Academy and the disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect was admittedly marvelous, but how could it be compared with that battle in Luoyang that had gone down in history?

"Their current selves are naturally far from Zhou Dufu and His Majesty Taizong."

Mao Qiuyu emotionally sighed, "But when the battle in Luoyang took place, Zhou Dufu and His Majesty were at the prime of their lives, and just how old are these two?"

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