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Counter Strike of the Youngsters of the Tradition Academy

The knight was around twenty years old. His eyes were thin and gentle but a trace of indifference and nobility could be seen inside the pupils. The moment he said the phrase, his eyes were fixed on the ruined entrance of the Tradition Academy. It was as if he didn’t even see Chen Chang Sheng and the other two who arrived in a hurry. It was very obvious that he was an extremely prideful person.

Chen Chang Sheng and the other two arrived in a hurry. Tang Thirty Six lifted his hair with his hand and saw the scene in front of him and was stumped. When hearing the words said by the knight, he winked his eyes slightly and didn’t say a word. He turned around and walked back into Tradition Academy.

Xuan Yuan Po didn’t see the knights. All he saw was the barely living battle horse in the pond. Ever since he was a Yao youngster, his wounds healed exceptionally quickly. Although his right arm still needed helping from Chen Chang Sheng, his left leg was all good and the cane wasn’t even necessary anymore. He walked there slowly.

Chen Chang Sheng stood in front of the Tradition Academy’s entrance alone and looked at the knights and the cold yet prideful young noble.

Breaking one’s door and destroying one’s pots and pans is considered a very violent actions. If the two sides didn’t have unsolvable hatred towards each other, they probably wouldn’t have done such a thing. Although Chen Chang Sheng didn’t know this young noble, he could guess where he came from. He slowly formed fists with his hands but suddenly realized that he had forgotten his short sword in the small building.

Xuan Yuan Po walked toward the severely wounded battle horse and squatted down. He looked at this once-majestic creature now lying pitifully in the rain. He looked at the blood flowing out of the battle horse’s lips. The eyes of the Yao youngster turned deadly cold.

There was a drizzle in the morning. The rain landed in the pond and made some tiny splashes. Some rain drops landed on the body of the horse and made it colder. Xuan Yuan Po placed his hand on the gradually dying body of the horse. He reached his right arm out, held onto its neck and snapped it.

The rain continued on but the battle horse closed its eyes as it received a swift and painless death.

Xuan Yuan Po stood up and glanced at the young noble on the horse, “If you wanted to break our entrance, you could just use stones or trees. Why would you use a horse to crash into the door? Just because you think it makes you powerful? No, it only reveals your shamelessness.”

The young noble didn’t bother with his comment because although the Yao youngster was related to his reason to be here, he wasn’t his main target today. He looked down at Chen Chang Sheng and asked coldly, “Are you Chen Chang Sheng?”

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t answer because a wind blew past his side.

The swift wind slashed through the drizzle that was hitting Tradition Academy and swirled into the crowd of knights outside of the academy.

The person doing this was Tang Thirty Six. Previously, just like Chen Chang Sheng, he had left his sword in the small building.

After he saw what happened outside of the school, he didn’t speak a word and returned to Tradition Academy. He wasn’t afraid or trying to find help, he returned to take his sword.

Only when his sword was in his hands could he eliminate his enemies.

Without any words, Tang Thirty Six held his sword and rushed out of Tradition Academy. Without any hesitation, he rushed towards that young noble and the dozen knights and attacked.

Wen Shu Sword emitted light and a sun appeared in the gloomy morning drizzle. The red light rays spread around the surroundings; they weren’t warm, but rather murderous.

Setting Dawn.

The entrance of the academy was destroyed on purpose. What kind of infuriating thing is this?

Tang Thirty Six was in rage so he used his most powerful technique, the three combos of Wen Shui.

The cloudy entrance in the rain was suddenly as bright as noon.

The young noble raised his eyebrows and his mount moved backwards a few steps.

Two knights appeared in front of him and turned their wrist. Two long spears made out of exquisite iron appeared in the wind and rain. They striked against the sword of Tang Thirty Six.

Only the most powerful North Army of Zhou Dynasty was qualified to equip these kinds of spears.

Seeing these two iron spears’, Tang Thirty Six knew that these knights who seemed to be explorers were actually the elites of North Army. However, he didn’t care. He followed through with this strike at the young noble.

As the blade of the sword slashed through the sky, rain drops were transformed into white steam.

Two ear deafening crashes were heard in the drizzle.

Dang, Dang.

The two iron long spears were chopped into four pieces and the pieces flew into the distance. It hit the ground hard and water splashed everywhere as the skill pierced through the ground and destroyed the outer wall of another building. The broken edge of the iron spears were slightly red and the raindrops that landed on it were vaporized immediately.

This was the true power of Setting Dawn — one of the three combos of Wen Shui Three Sword.

Last night’s fight between Tang Thirty Six and Qi Jian in Wei Yang Palace was a competition rather than a death match. With

Chen Chang Sheng instructing by his side, he felt limited. Now that he was furious, he could actually use all of his strength and power all at once.

Of course, the two knights were elites of the North Army of Zhou Dynasty. Even if Tang Thirty Six did strike out of rage and destroyed their iron spears and put them onto the ground, he was nonetheless injured as well. The previously tied-up hair was now scattered on his shoulder and his face was slightly pale.

He held the Wen Shui Sword and stood in the rain. He looked at the knights and the noble with a prideful yet cold expression as if he wasn’t hurt from the earlier contact.

Just a moment earlier, he raised his qi to its maximum potential. It was as if lava was flowing through his veins and gave birth to a new sun. As raindrops fell on his dark hair, body, and sword, they vaporized into steam.

He was standing in the middle of a mist.

The young noble looked at Tang Thirty Six and knew who he was. He squinted his eyes slightly as if they were willow leaves. His eyes turned sharper and keen words came out of his lips, “You dare do this, you dare to…….”

But he didn’t finish his sentence because Tang Thirty Six yelled, “What are you waiting for? Don’t let him finish.”

Just when he was saying “What are you waiting for,” Xuan Yuan Po had already picked up a huge piece of wood from the rain.

The door of Tradition Academy was built years ago. Previously when the Department of Education decided to maintain the school, the door wasn’t replaced with a new one because it was sturdy enough. The door was as high as two people and as thick as two palms. If it wasn’t crushed by that battle horse with all its might, then it wouldn’t have broken off.

Now the academy entrance was broken and picked up by Xuan Yuan Po. It was still as tall as two people and as thick as two palms. When it was stood upright, it looked just like a man-made mountain.

Even xiuxingists who Purified their body very well would have trouble picking up this door using pure strength.

Although Xuan Yuan Po’s right arm was injured, his left arm was still perfectly fine. By using the unique trait of his Yao race, he barely picked up the academy door.

Some of the knights noticed his action and moved toward him to ensure the safety of that young noble.

At that exact moment, Tang Thirty Six finished his sentence.

Xuan Yuan Po screamed furiously and threw the mountain-like door that he picked up with one arm towards the young noble.

With a loud bang, a large cloud of dust rose from the ground against the rain.

The floor in front of Tradition Academy shook slightly and the water ponds on the ground seemed to jump into the air.

A second bang.

Two knights became two black dots and flew towards the distance and crashed into the ground.

Although they were still holding their iron spears, their weapons were bent.

The mount of the young noble reacted out of instinct and backed up a little. The noble wasn’t hit by Xuan Yuan Po and obviously wasn’t injured. But his cloth got splashed by the dirty water and dust from the ground. He couldn’t maintain his previous cold eyes and attitude. His face became pale and his right hand that held the saddle was shaking.

But it wasn’t out of fear, it was out of rage.

His eyes were on the three youngsters outside of Tradition Academy.

Tang Thirty Six was holding the sword in the mist.

Xuan Yuan Po was holding the door in the rain.

And Chen Chang Sheng was standing under the broken roof of the academy. He didn’t do anything, even his cloth didn’t get wet.

The noble was furious.

He wasted the life of a battle horse and cracked open the entrance of this ruined academy. He felt this action was suitable for his noble and powerful status. He was waiting for the people inside to come out so that he could rebuke them and let them experience living hell.

But the result wasn’t what he expected. He didn’t even finish his sentence and four of his subordinates were severely injured.

Even the door that he broke was used against him.

The momentum from cracking open the entrance was put down so forcefully that he wasn’t comfortable with it. He was very angry.

Everyone in the capital knew what kind of terrifying result would come of his anger.

When he was infuriated, even Zhou Tong needed to keep his silent.

He looked at the three youngsters in the rain as if they were three dead corpses.

“Very well, very well…..”

The young noble was so angry that he started laughing. A trace of red appeared on his pale cheeks. It seemed both unhealthy and creepy.

Before the young noble spoke again, Tang Thirty Six whispered to Chen Chang Sheng, “When he starts to speak, don’t let him finish.”

Xuan Yuan Po also looked at Chen Chang Sheng. Previously he and Tang Thirty Six had some action, now it was his turn.

Chen Chang Sheng looked back at Tang Thirty Six and asked confusingly, “Why?”

“Don’t let him have the chance to rebuke, make him suffer from restraint.”

“Just like what you planned last night?”


“This is important because I’m not happy and I can’t him be happy either.” Tang Thirty Six looked at the broken door of Tradition Academy and answered expressionlessly.

Just this moment, the young noble’s voice was heard in the drizzle, “Very well, very well…..”

Chen Cang Sheng made a decision and raised his head while glancing at the noble.

He said the sentence, but when he spoke, he was a little slow and felt conflicted because he had never said this kind of sentence before in his life. But besides this, he didn’t know how to stop the words of the young noble. Just as Tang Thirty Six, the broken door of Tradition Academy made him angry as well.


He looked at the young noble and said sincerely, “F*** your grand aunt.”

From Xi Ning Village to the capital, he never cursed. Chen Chang Sheng hardly ever yelled at anyone. Therefore when he cursed, he was inexperienced. He even stopped midway a few times. It was as if he was a child starting to learn how to speak. The syllables followed one another slowly.

Speaking logically, the young noble had time to stop Chen Chang Sheng’s sentence, but he didn’t.

Chen Chang Sheng thought he finally succeed even though it was a bit sloppy.

He glanced at Tang Thirty Six for some compliments, but he noticed the atmosphere of the field was a little strange.

Silence filled the entrance of Tradition Academy in the morning drizzle. Even the dust from the crashes were put down by the wetness of rain and couldn’t swirl in the air anymore.

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