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Chapter 77 Tell a Story in a Four Nine City
The silence was broken by Gou Han Shi when he looked at Chen Chang Sheng and asked “Is this the story recorded in the Gui Yuan Way of Scroll?”

Chen Chang Sheng nodded and said, “The footnote on the second chapter.”

Gou Han Shi raised his eyebrows slightly, “Indeed the names of these four sword moves are recorded, but the author didn’t mention the order.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Both the West Capital Notes and the You Yang Geography Book mentioned a spectating Taoist monk. According to the Taoist monk, the order of the moves were the order in the Gui Yuan Way of Scroll.”

Gou Han Shi realized that both books did have such record and before Chen Chang Sheng pointed it out, not many people would connect the two books to the story in the Gui Yuan Way of Scroll. The main reason was that the Gui Yuan Way of Scroll was not one of the classics emphasized by the Tradition. Since it was published several hundred years ago, only a few people have read it.

The spectators were all confused because they didn’t understand the conversation that Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi were having.

Even the elites of the Six Ivies and masters of the Qiu Shan Family felt like they were listening to a book from heaven.

The Bishop frowned and asked Prince Chen Liu who was next to him “Which Way of Scroll are they talking about?”

Prince Chen Liu was not so sure either “Something called Gui Yuan Way of Scroll.”

The Bishop felt angry “How come I never heard of it?”

Of all the people, only Gou Han Shi and Chen Chang Sheng remembered the story from the Gui Yuan Way of Scroll. The story was about an ancestor of the Wen Shui Tang family fighting against a demon elite in the Xin Xiang province. When every spectator thought that the ancestor would lose, the ancestor used four sword moves consecutively and defeated the demon elite immediately.

The four sword moves were: Flipped Golden Tube, Sea Essence, Shadow on the Window, and finally Forest Longsword.

The reason why the battle was recorded as a story was that all the spectators couldn’t figure out how the four sword moves could be used as a combo. How could the seemingly disconnected qi transfer between moves, interact with the demon elite’s moves and suddenly become so fluent?

“Why did you think of using these four sword moves?” Gou Han Shi asked.

“Flipped Golden Tube was picked because of his personality. He uses abnormal moves that others don’t often use. You countered with Split the Ghost Mountain… which is tough.”

Chen Chang Sheng explained, “Your three moves covered both rising and falling momentums and at last, the starlights will all fall down to cover the mountain fully. The key is that killing depends on the power one exerts.”

Gou Han Shi said, “Right.”

Chen Chang Sheng continued, “I can’t think of any sword moves in the Tang family that could take on your moves. The only possibility was if he used the Wen Shui Three Movements again, but you understand Tang Thirty Six’s personality. He won’t follow through with such actions even if it meant that he would die and I had no time left to convince him.”

Tang Thirty Six felt somewhat mad, “What kind of person did you say I was?”

Chen Chang Sheng ignored Tang Thirty Six and looked at Gou Han Shi. “Actually I just got lucky. I randomly used the Flipped Golden Tube, but countered me so well that you did not leave me with many options. Then I thought of the story on the Gui Yuan Scroll of Way and remembered the four moves used by the ancestor of Tang family.”

Gou Han Shi thought for a bit and said “The demon elite who lost to Tang family’s ancestor indeed used tough and murderous moves, but the moves were all different from that of the Li Mountain Sword Sect. I also remember the four moves in the Gui Yuan Scroll of Way, but I never knew that you could use it the way you used it in the previous situation.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “I wasn’t sure if the four moves would work either, but you reacted too quickly and too fiercely. Also Qi Jian himself is a stable xiuxingist so I couldn’t think of any other options so this was my best bet.”

“Not many people knew the Gui Yuan Scroll of Way, fewer people even remember the four moves, and even fewer people can recall the move and dare try it in the previous situation.”

Gou Han Shi looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “Not bad.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “I went first and gave one more move than you. If you had went first, then the result may be different.”

Gou Han Shi said, “Not bad but fortunately, this is only the first round.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “I heard from Tang Thirty Six, you read all of the Scrolls of Way. You are a great person.”

Gou Han Shi said, “I said before, I simply read a bit more books than others do.”

Chen Chang Sheng replied, “I said before too, luckily, I also had read some books.”

Gou Han Shi stared at him and remained silent for a while. “It seems that you are very confident.”

Chen Chang Sheng’s expression was calm and he bowed to Gou Han Shi “Please enlighten.”

Wind softly blew by, and starlights shined on his face.

Previously in the palace, Gou Han Shi spoke these two words to him.

Now, it was his turn to speak these two words back to Gou Han Shi.

Simply a change in order, but it represented many things.

When Gou Han Shi and Chen Chang Sheng began the conversation, the spectators standing on the stairs were in quiet discussions, but their voices got gradually lower until it was silent.

Gou Han Shi and Chen Chang Sheng did not intentionally play a scene in which heroes appreciate each other.

But to the spectators, Gou Han Shi viewed Chen Chang Sheng as his opponent. This fact was already shocking news.

The second fight, in such atmosphere, started calmly.

Obviously, the one who stepped out from the Traditional Academy was Princess Luo Luo.

Because Tang Thirty Six won against Qi Jian, then in order to help Chen Chang Sheng not have to go out and compete, she needed to win the second battle.

Luo Luo was completely confident in her victory but none of the spectators thought so.

Even Jin Yu Lu frowned thinking that princess may lose.

Because her opponent was Guan Fei Bai.

The fourth ruling of the Seven Rulings.

At the same time, he was ranked fourth on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds.

Guan Fei Bai walked to the field and saluted to Luo Luo. His eyebrows slightly lifted not because of fear but because of gloom.

Luo Luo understood what was he thinking and said “Do you think it’s a very depressing thing to fight me? Because you have to worry about hurting me, you can’t use your power fully. Also your arrogance and domineering personality doesn’t make you seem like the type to regulate his power, so it feels like I am taking advantage of you?”

“No, I don’t dare to.”

Guan Fei Bai said expressionlessly, “But princess should know, no matter what, I don’t dare to hurt you.”

“I am a student of the Tradition Academy. Since you, Li Mountain Sword sect wants to challenge the Tradition Academy, of course I have to stand out. It’s the best if you treat me as a regular student and fully express your strength. If you can’t and think too much before you attack which results in a loss, don’t blame me for losing.”

Luo Luo looked at him and said “Because that’s your own choice.”

Luo Luo was very short, much shorter than Guan Fei Bai. But she looked up at him expressionlessly like she was the one looking down on him instead.

Guan Fei Bai’s expression turned cold and he said, “Princess’s words are reasonable.”

Among the Seven Rulings, he was right in the middle but he was the most narrow-minded, arrogant and cold. He was easily irritated and even when facing against Luo Luo, he would become angry.

“Although everyone says the ranks on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds change frequently, people always forget something. Before the change, the Destiny Pavilion is never wrong.”

He stared at Luo Luo’s eyes and said word by word, “Four is four, nine is nine and no matter what, nine can’t surpass four.”

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