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Where did the hatred of the entire capital towards the Tradition Academy or more accurately speaking, towards the youngster of the Tradition Academy come from? Obviously it was because of the engagement.

In the capital, Xu You Rong is a name that cannot be profaned.

Because of her identity as the successor to the Virgin of the South, her innate phoenix bloodline, the Divine Queen’s favor and most importantly, her beauty, in the eyes of the Zhou people, she was perfect. Obviously she had many, many young men and even women adoring her.

Yet at the same time, because she was so perfect, the adoration ultimately turns into respect such that people only dared to imagine about her at night. They didn’t dare reveal any thoughts in public because that would only provoke others’ laugh. It was a blasphemy. When the news of the event that happened at the Ivy Festival spread throughout the entire capital, the situation changed drastically. Among the men who loved Xu You Rong, the older ones could still remain calm, but the younger men could no longer suppress their inner emotions. They decided to go to the Tradition Academy to express their anger.

Years ago, no one would go to protest near the mansion where the Southern Ambassadors were stationed in capital and of course, no one would scold or curse Qiu Shan Jun. Why? Because Qiu Shan Jun was also perfect. The relationship between Xu You Rong and him was acknowledged by the government and the public.

This thinking was very complex and somewhat hard to explain. Because of Chen Chang Sheng and the engagement that caused Xu You Rong to be no longer as perfect, and Qiu Shan Jun to be no longer as invincible, the young men began to use their furor as excuse to announce their existence.

The most important reason was still because the youngster with the engagement was named Chen Chang Sheng — a kid that no one heard of. People gathered some information about him, and knew that he was only a freshman at the Tradition Academy. He was very common but when they gathered some more information and found out that he actually couldn’t xiuxing, they saw him as trash.

How could they stand this? We were incomparable to Qiu Shan Jun, but who was that dude named Chen Chang Sheng?

A simpler saying is ‘if even a Taoist monk can touch her, then why can’t I’?

A young taoist monk from Xi Ning town wants to marry Miss Xu?

Just like the sentence that people used the most at the entrance of the Tradition Academy: You are only an ugly toad compared to

Xu You Rong, how dare you eat the phoenix!

The voice of hatred and curses got louder and louder. It passed from the entrance to the library.

Holding a scroll named Fa Hua Way, Chen Chang Sheng read silently, as if he didn’t hear the voices at all and was oblivious of what was going on.

How could Tang Thirty Six stay as calm as him? He had already taken his Wen Shui Sword out of its sheath, and held it in his hand. The sword reflected the color of the green sky in the fall and appeared indescribably cold.

Xuan Yuan Po also walked down the staircase preparing to use the door again.

Seeing that Chen Chang Sheng had no reaction, Tang Thirty Six said angrily, “How can you still bear it? If you don’t do anything, after today, you will become the most famous, ugly toad in history! Then what is the Tradition Academy? A pond cultivating toads?”

Xuan Yuan Po added, “Yeah, are we supposed to be like you? Are we all toads?”

Looking at Tang Thirty Six, Chen Chang Sheng said, “Is it true that I will become what they call me? Then if I call you brute, will you really grow into a monster?”

“This joke is not funny at all. If I will get cursed, I would rather get cursed as a brute than an ugly toad. After all, a brute did some brutal things so he deserves to be called that. But how about you, you didn’t harm Xu You Rong in any way and you have a legal engagement, how can you still let them scold you like that?”

After saying this, Tang Thirty Six stopped bothering to care about him. He just marched up to the entrance with his Wen Shui Sword.

Seeing this situation, Xuan Yuan Po immediately lugged the door that was about two men tall and followed up.

Chen Chang Sheng was dazed. He put down the scroll, stood up and began walking to the entrance to take a look. After all, this was his own matter.

“Give the Chen dude up!”

“Kick him out of the capital!”

“How dare you fake the engagement!”

“Why don’t you take a look at yourself at the mirror. For making such a big lie, aren’t you afraid of getting punished by heaven?”

“Dong Yu General’s mansion wouldn’t bother to care about what you did, but we, in the name of justice, will teach you what’s right and wrong!”

More and more people surrounded the entrance of the Tradition Academy. By the afternoon, there were actually more than a thousand people. It was a huge crowd. The voice of cursing and scolding became louder and louder which caused the atmosphere in the field to become more and more chaotic.

In the morning, the Tian Hai family had sent people to break the door so the school was free to enter. Moreover, the people in the Tradition Academy didn’t respond to those people at all, so the young men couldn’t control their emotions any longer. As the righteous ardor rose up and filled their brains, they shouted, “Let’s go in and take the villain out!”

Young people often become passionate and agitated easily for no reason, and they could also be easily triggered to break things. Along with the shout, hong, the huge crowd all ran into the Tradition Academy.

Immediately, hong!

Infinite waves of qi violently shot out from the entrance of Tradition Academy.

The remaining rain water on the ground was triggered by qi, floated up and shot out like infinite arrows leaving the bow. They made thousands of holes in the leaves near the street.

The young men who were running towards the Tradition Academy all cried in pain and fell down. They had to push against the ground to support themselves which caused bruises on their hands. The people who ran the fastest and had already ran into the Tradition Academy, were all pushed more than thirty meters back by the wave. They fell unconscious. Blood was over their body.

No one knew if they were still alive.

The cursing and yelling that had been going on for over half an hour outside the Tradition Academy suddenly stopped.

The street suddenly became quiet. Only the young scholars’ painful cries could be heard.

Jin Yu Lu, wearing an expensive silk robe, slowly walked out from a small house next to the entrance of the Tradition Academy.

He held a precious and well-known soil pot from Xuan province with his left hand, and rubbed two jewel balls with his right hand. He looked very relax and casual.

He stood on the stone staircase, looked up at the sky and applauded.

The fall rain stopped a long time ago, so now it looks like the blue sky had just being washed. It was truly beautiful.

However, he looked back at the huge crowd in front of the entrance, turned cold and said, “Do you want to die?”

He didn’t use any qi when saying this sentence so when the people heard it, they didn’t feel like the spring thunder had just arrived, but the silent street looked like it because of the pathetic situation on the ground made an annotation to his sentence.

At least several dozens of people had scratches on their head with blood flowing down, and there were even a few people who had blood coming out all over their bodies remaining unconscious.

“Who….who are you?” a daring youngster among the crowd said with a shaking voice. “How dare you cause violence and….kill people?”

Since someone initiated, following up was a relatively easy thing. So a few more voices came up. Seeing their friends’ tragic situations now, people became more and more angry, and their voices got louder and louder. The silence was broken and the atmosphere became agitated again.


“Report him now!”

Today, the Hundred Blossom Street was so crowded that even water couldn’t penetrate through to hit the ground. Hearing the words in the front, there were actually some people in the back left. They were probably going to the police department. There were also enthusiastic residents helping the wounded people to stand up, and there were even some doctors that tended to the fainted people.

If you ignored the reason why these people surrounded the Tradition Academy, then the scene actually looked a bit touching.

Since when was the capital so collaborative?

Collaboration is power. There were already people going to report him. Later on, the court would definitely send people here to punish this criminal who wore like a countryman. Such confirmation is also a power. People no longer felt as scared, and ran towards the school again.

Jin Yu Lu took a bamboo chair from somewhere, sat down and drank a bit of tea from his pot while facing at the crowd.

Some people already came around ten meters away from the stone staircase however after glancing at him casually, they suddenly felt scared and retreated back as fast as possible without even caring about stepping on people’s feet behind them. The huge crowd suddenly started a wave of retreat. Just a glance was so powerful. Jin Yu Lu obviously wouldn’t feel proud of such little thing. Looking at people, he said indifferently, “I am the janitor of the Tradition Academy. The Tradition Academy is a serious place for education. Please don’t come in without permission. Anyone who dares to step in will be made as examples.”

People then remembered, this middle aged who wore like a rich businessman, previously walked out from the little house next to the entrance.

Yet……which school would have such strong janitor? Even the Heavenly Academy wouldn’t!

From yesterday to today morning, the fall rain continued. The temperature suddenly dropped, and the weather gradually turned colder.

People looked at their friends crying especially at those who were fainted. Then they looked at the middle aged man who claimed to be a janitor and suddenly felt even colder. Only the people who were hiding deep in the crowd dared to curse a bit, but who dared to walk up even for one step?

Suddenly, a warm wind came and dryness followed.

The leaves that looked yellow on the tree sticking out of the wall suddenly withered.

A red cloud fell down from the sky.

Red Cloud kylin descended soundlessly. It stepped on the green stone ground and the pondings near it instantly vaporized.

A middle aged man sat on the back of the kylin wearing bloody armor. He looked very serious.

Seeing this person, Jin Yu Lu stood up and placed the pot on the armrest of the bamboo chair to show respect.

People saw him and guessed his identity. They all kneeled down to pay respect.

The Yu Tian General of Great Zhou, Xue Xing Chuan, owns a Red Cloud kylin as his mount and uses a bloody knife!

He ranked second among the thirty eight Generals in the continent!

He was deeply trusted by the Divine Queen and had been leading the Forbidden Soldiers for years. He had the right to rule over anything that happened in the capital and had the ability to do so. Seeing Xue Xing Chuan’s arrival, some felt very surprising.

Even if people went to the police office to report, they couldn’t have got there that fast. Moreover, how would the police office have the authority to send this big figure here?

However, remembering that General Xue Xing Chuan was known for being fair and just, people regained their hope. They shouted one after another, “The Tradition Academy just murdered people! Please hold the justice for us!” After a while, a team of Forbidden Soldiers walked into the Hundred Blossom Street to separate the people. They walked to the entrance of the Tradition Academy. In front of the stares of thousands of people, Xue Xing Chuan slowly walked up the staircase to where Jin Yu Lu stood.

At this moment, Chen Chang Sheng and the other two people also arrived.

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