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  • A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

  • Author(s): Haruno Egawa - 江川春伸
  • GENRES: Action - Fantasy - Harem
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • View : 88,986
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  •   lightnovelgate.com rate : 4.5/ 5 - 6 votes

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower summary:

Within the world’s largest MMORPG,Japanese player Takeru builds an original skill specialized in HP capture (life steal) and rise as a top ranker. He challenged the long-awaited most difficult event “Tower in the Sky” but got transferred to another world halfway. He then became the owner of the “Tower” with a pretty administrator. While being forced into a situation where skills are unusable, he formed a party in the new world with new friends such as an elf and a fox-eared girl and charge to a different world battle. A fast paced refreshing story that has a sense of playing RPG.

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 10 Part9 Nov-18-17
Chapter 10 Part8 Nov-17-17
Chapter 10 Part7 Nov-17-17
Chapter 10 Part6 Nov-16-17
Chapter 10 Part5 Nov-19-17
Chapter 10 Part4 Nov-19-17
Chapter 10 Part3 Nov-14-17
Chapter 10 Part2 Nov-10-17
Chapter 10 Part1 Nov-09-17
Chapter 9 Part12 Nov-19-17
Chapter 9 Part11 Nov-04-17
Chapter 9 Part9 Nov-06-17
Chapter 9 Part8 Nov-02-17
Chapter 9 Part7 Oct-31-17
Chapter 9 Part6 Oct-31-17
Chapter 9 Part5 Oct-30-17
Chapter 9 Part4 Oct-27-17
Chapter 9 Part3 Oct-24-17
Chapter 9 Part2 Oct-22-17
Chapter 9 Part1 Oct-20-17
Chapter 8 Part8 Oct-19-17
Chapter 8 Part7 Oct-10-17
Chapter 8 Part6 Oct-08-17
Chapter 8 Part5 Oct-06-17
Chapter 8 Part4 Oct-05-17
Chapter 8 Part3 Oct-03-17
Chapter 8 Part2 Sep-28-17
Chapter 8 Part1 Sep-26-17
Chapter 7 Part6 Sep-26-17
Chapter 7 Part5 Sep-23-17
Chapter 7 Part4 Sep-19-17
Chapter 7 Part3 Sep-18-17
Chapter 7 Part2 Sep-17-17
Chapter 7 Part1 Sep-14-17
Chapter 6 Part9 Sep-10-17
Chapter 6 Part8 Sep-09-17
Chapter 6 Part7 Sep-05-17
Chapter 6 Part6 Aug-31-17
Chapter 6 Part5 Aug-29-17
Chapter 6 Part4 Aug-28-17
Chapter 6 Part3 Aug-27-17
Chapter 6 Part2 Aug-26-17
Chapter 6 Part1 Aug-26-17
Chapter 5 Part7 Aug-24-17
Chapter 5 Part6 Aug-23-17
Chapter 5 Part5 Aug-22-17
Chapter 5 Part4 Aug-21-17
Chapter 5 Part3 Aug-20-17
Chapter 5 Part2 Aug-19-17
Chapter 5 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 4 Part9 Aug-16-17
Chapter 4 Part8 Aug-16-17
Chapter 4 Part7 Aug-21-17
Chapter 4 Part6 Aug-14-17
Chapter 4 Part5 Aug-13-17
Chapter 4 Part4 Aug-13-17
Chapter 4 Part3 Aug-12-17
Chapter 4 Part2 Aug-11-17
Chapter 4 Part1 Aug-10-17
Chapter 3 Part7 Aug-09-17
Chapter 3 Part6 Aug-09-17
Chapter 3 Part5 Aug-08-17
Chapter 3 Part4 Aug-07-17
Chapter 3 Part3 Aug-06-17
Chapter 3 Part2 Aug-05-17
Chapter 3 Part1 Aug-04-17
Chapter 2 Part5 Aug-03-17
Chapter 2 Part4 Aug-03-17
Chapter 2 Part3 Aug-01-17
Chapter 2 Part2 Aug-01-17
Chapter 2 Part1 Jul-30-17
Chapter 1 Part8 Jul-29-17
Chapter 1 Part7 Jul-28-17
Chapter 1 Part6 Jul-27-17
Chapter 1 Part5 Jul-26-17
Chapter 1 Part4 Jul-25-17
Chapter 1 Part3 Jul-24-17
Chapter 1 Part2 Jul-23-17
Chapter 1 Part1 Jul-22-17
Prologue 3 Jul-21-17
Prologue 2 Jul-21-17
Prologue 1 Jul-21-17
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