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Great Han's Female General Wei Qiqi summary:

Wei Qiqi is the only successor of Wei Corps inheriting a hefty fortune. However, her stepmother bribed a witch from Thailand harming her with two ancient witchcraft curses. The first: is to send her off to an era of chaotic war with no way of returning The second: is to have a disfigured look. In order to restore her appearance she must give her first night to the man that truly loves her. Wei Qiqi thought of countless ways to return to the modern world but due to the turn of events, she became a renowned general throughout Great Han meeting the handsome and almighty third prince. With his majesty’s imperial joke, Wei Qiqi the ugly maiden was bestowed a marriage to third prince causing him to become a laughing stock by the whole world.

Great Han's Female General Wei Qiqi Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 92 Sep-18-18
Chapter 91 Sep-18-18
Chapter 90 Sep-10-18
Chapter 89G Sep-10-18
Chapter 88 Sep-04-18
Chapter 87 Sep-04-18
Chapter 86 Aug-28-18
Chapter 85 Aug-28-18
Chapter 84 Aug-28-18
Chapter 83 Aug-28-18
Chapter 82 Aug-13-18
Chapter 81 Aug-06-18
Chapter 81 Aug-06-18
Chapter 80 Jul-29-18
Chapter 79 Jul-29-18
Chapter 78 Jul-21-18
Chapter 77 Jul-21-18
Chapter 76 Jul-13-18
Chapter 75 Jul-09-18
Chapter 74 Jul-07-18
Chapter 73 Jun-30-18
Chapter 72 Jun-24-18
Chapter 71 Jun-21-18
Chapter 70 Jun-20-18
Chapter 69 Jun-17-18
Chapter 68 Jun-16-18
Chapter 67 Jun-16-18
Chapter 66 Jun-10-18
Chapter 65 Jun-08-18
Chapter 64 Jun-02-18
Chapter 63 May-20-18
Chapter 62 May-20-18
Chapter 61 May-20-18
Chapter 60 May-20-18
Chapter 59 Mar-21-18
Chapter 58 Mar-21-18
Chapter 57 Mar-05-18
Chapter 56 Mar-01-18
Chapter 55 Feb-22-18
Chapter 54 Jan-13-18
Chapter 53 Jan-06-18
Chapter 52 Dec-20-17
Chapter 51 Dec-20-17
Chapter 50 Nov-28-17
Chapter 49 Nov-25-17
Chapter 48 Nov-25-17
Chapter 47 Nov-18-17
Chapter 46 Nov-14-17
Chapter 45 Nov-12-17
Chapter 44 Nov-12-17
Chapter 43 Nov-04-17
Chapter 42 Oct-31-17
Chapter 41 Oct-29-17
Chapter 40 Oct-28-17
Chapter 39 Oct-21-17
Chapter 38 Oct-18-17
Chapter 37 Oct-14-17
Chapter 36 Oct-10-17
Chapter 35 Oct-08-17
Chapter 34 Oct-03-17
Chapter 33 Sep-30-17
Chapter 32 Sep-30-17
Chapter 31 Sep-30-17
Chapter 30 Sep-16-17
Chapter 29 Sep-11-17
Chapter 28 Sep-10-17
Chapter 27 Sep-04-17
Chapter 26 Sep-03-17
Chapter 25 Aug-28-17
Chapter 24 Aug-26-17
Chapter 23 Aug-21-17
Chapter 22 Aug-19-17
Chapter 21 Aug-15-17
Chapter 20 Aug-13-17
Chapter 19 Aug-05-17
Chapter 18 Jul-31-17
Chapter 17 Jul-29-17
Chapter 16 Jul-22-17
Chapter 15 Jul-17-17
Chapter 14 Jul-15-17
Chapter 13 Jul-10-17
Chapter 12 Jul-01-17
Chapter 11 Jul-01-17
Chapter 10 Jul-01-17
Chapter 9 May-07-17
Chapter 8 May-07-17
Chapter 7 May-07-17
Chapter 6 May-07-17
Chapter 5 May-07-17
Chapter 4 May-07-17
Chapter 3 May-07-17
Chapter 2 May-07-17
Chapter 1 May-07-17
Chapter 9 Mar-19-17
Chapter 8 Mar-13-17
Chapter 7 Mar-06-17
Chapter 6 Mar-06-17
Chapter 5 Mar-06-17
Chapter 4 Mar-06-17
Chapter 3 Mar-06-17
Chapter 2 Mar-06-17
Chapter 1 Mar-06-17
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