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  • I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

  • Author(s): 天堂放逐者
  • GENRES: Action - Adventure
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  •   lightnovelgate.com rate : 4.67/ 5 - 3 votes

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame summary:

One day, the stuntman found that acquaintances and unfamiliar people were looking for him through various channels. Even someone from a certain department of the country came— Team Leader of an abilities group: Comrade Jian Hua, on behalf of the nation, I want to tell you about a newly discovered world secret. Protagonist: What? Team Leader of an abilities group: In fact, our world is a book. Protagonist: WTF? Team Leader of an abilities group: And you will be the last villain of the seven volume novel series. Protagonist: … See title for the protagonist’s mood. Book Character A: You and I are good childhood friends. Shouldn’t I be the white moonlight in your heart? Protagonist: … Book Character B: I treated you kindly, so shouldn’t you trust me completely? Protagonist: … Book Character C: I’m so considerate while busy. As good friends, shouldn’t we be rolling around on first base? Protagonist: … See title for the protagonist’s mood.

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 74 Jul-17-18
Chapter 73 Jul-17-18
Chapter 71 Jul-09-18
Chapter 70 Jul-08-18
Chapter 69 Jul-07-18
Chapter 68 Jul-06-18
Chapter 67 Jul-05-18
Chapter 66 Jun-24-18
Chapter 65 Jun-04-18
Chapter 64 Jun-03-18
Chapter 63 Jun-02-18
Chapter 62 Jun-02-18
Chapter 61 May-26-18
Chapter 60 May-24-18
Chapter 59 May-22-18
Chapter 58 May-21-18
Chapter 57 May-19-18
Chapter 56 May-17-18
Chapter 55 May-12-18
Chapter 54 May-11-18
Chapter 53 May-07-18
Chapter 52 May-07-18
Chapter 51 May-01-18
Chapter 50 Apr-30-18
Chapter 49 Apr-28-18
Chapter 48 Apr-27-18
Chapter 402 Apr-25-18
Chapter 46 Apr-25-18
Chapter 45 Apr-22-18
Chapter 44 Apr-22-18
Chapter 43 Apr-22-18
Chapter 42 Apr-22-18
Chapter 41 Apr-22-18
Chapter 40 Apr-22-18
Chapter 39 Apr-22-18
Chapter 38 Apr-03-18
Chapter 37 Mar-31-18
Chapter 36 Mar-28-18
Chapter 35 Mar-28-18
Chapter 34 Mar-26-18
Chapter 33 Mar-25-18
Chapter 32 Mar-22-18
Chapter 31 Mar-21-18
Chapter 30 Mar-18-18
Chapter 29 Mar-16-18
Chapter 28 Mar-14-18
Chapter 27 Mar-12-18
Chapter 26 Mar-11-18
Chapter 25 Mar-09-18
Chapter 24 Mar-09-18
Chapter 23 Mar-05-18
Chapter 22 Mar-04-18
Chapter 21 Feb-28-18
Chapter 20 Feb-27-18
Chapter 19 Feb-23-18
Chapter 18 Feb-22-18
Chapter 17 Feb-21-18
Chapter 16 Feb-20-18
Chapter 15 Feb-20-18
Chapter 14 Feb-20-18
Chapter 13 Feb-20-18
Chapter 11-12 Jan-04-18
Chapter 10 Jan-02-18
Chapter 9 Jan-02-18
Chapter 8 Jan-02-18
Chapter 7 Jan-02-18
Chapter 6 Jan-02-18
Chapter 5 Jan-02-18
Chapter 4 Jan-02-18
Chapter 3 Jan-02-18
Chapter 2 Jan-02-18
Chapter 1 Jan-02-18
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