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  • Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook)

    Alternative : Prodigal Alliance Head; 纨绔小萌煮
  • Author(s): Hua Zi - 花吱
  • GENRES: Comedy - Gender Bender - Historical
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • View : 165,575
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  •   lightnovelgate.com rate : 4.53/ 5 - 15 votes

Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) summary:

Other people’s Alliance Heads are unrivaled in the lands, with an incomparable domineering air. With a shake of their arm they could cause a thousand waves to rippled throughout Jianghu.
Tang Doudou practically wants to flip the table!
Cook, warm the bed, warm the bed, cook…… She’s completely been caught up in a goddamned cycle!
After she finishes she still has to ask a phrase of husband-sama are you pleased?
Uncle could endure but Auntie can’t endure!
“Wife has worked hard. A moment in the spring night is worth a thousand pounds of gold, when we get home Husband will give you a massage!” This demonically charming black-bellied man’s phoenix eyes flashed, smiling with a completely harmless expression.
Tang Doudou looked to the sky speechless, …

Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 275 Part1 Jul-19-18
Chapter 274 Part2 Jul-18-18
Chapter 274 Part1 Jul-18-18
Chapter 273 Part2 Jul-17-18
Chapter 273 Part1 Jul-17-18
Chapter 272 Part2 Jul-16-18
Chapter 272 Part1 Jul-16-18
Chapter 271 Part2 Jul-12-18
Chapter 271 Part1 Jul-12-18
Chapter 270 Part2 Jul-11-18
Chapter 270 Part1 Jul-11-18
Chapter 269 Part2 Jul-10-18
Chapter 269 Part1 Jul-10-18
Chapter 268 Part2 Jul-10-18
Chapter 268 Part1 Jul-10-18
Chapter 267 Part2 Jul-05-18
Chapter 267 Part1 Jul-05-18
Chapter 266 Part2 Jul-04-18
Chapter 266 Part1 Jul-04-18
Chapter 265 Part2 Jul-03-18
Chapter 265 Part1 Jul-03-18
Chapter 264 Part2 Jul-02-18
Chapter 264 Part1 Jul-02-18
Chapter 263 Part2 Jun-28-18
Chapter 263 Part1 Jun-28-18
Chapter 262 Part2 Jun-27-18
Chapter 262 Part1 Jun-27-18
Chapter 261 Part2 Jun-26-18
Chapter 261 Part1 Jun-26-18
Chapter 260 Part2 Jun-25-18
Chapter 260 Part1 Jun-25-18
Chapter 259 Part2 Jun-21-18
Chapter 259 Part1 Jun-21-18
Chapter 258 Part2 Jun-20-18
Chapter 258 Part1 Jun-20-18
Chapter 257 Part2 Jun-19-18
Chapter 257 Part1 Jun-19-18
Chapter 256 Part2 Jun-18-18
Chapter 256 Part1 Jun-18-18
Chapter 255 Part2 Jun-14-18
Chapter 255 Part1 Jun-14-18
Chapter 254 Part2 Jun-13-18
Chapter 254 Part1 Jun-13-18
Chapter 253 Part2 Jun-12-18
Chapter 253 Part1 Jun-12-18
Chapter 252 Part2 Jun-11-18
Chapter 252 Part1 Jun-11-18
Chapter 251 Part2 Jun-07-18
Chapter 251 Part1 Jun-07-18
Chapter 250 Part2 Jun-06-18
Chapter 250 Part1 Jun-06-18
Chapter 249 Part2 Jun-05-18
Chapter 249 Part1 Jun-05-18
Chapter 248 Part2 Jun-04-18
Chapter 248 Part1 Jun-04-18
Chapter 247 Part2 May-31-18
Chapter 247 Part1 May-31-18
Chapter 246 Part2 May-30-18
Chapter 246 Part1 May-30-18
Chapter 245 Part2 May-29-18
Chapter 245 Part1 May-29-18
Chapter 244 Part2 May-29-18
Chapter 244 Part1 May-28-18
Chapter 243 Part2 May-24-18
Chapter 243 Part1 May-24-18
Chapter 242 Part2 May-23-18
Chapter 242 Part1 May-23-18
Chapter 241 Part2 May-22-18
Chapter 240 Part2 May-21-18
Chapter 240 Part1 May-21-18
Chapter 239 Part2 May-17-18
Chapter 239 Part1 May-17-18
Chapter 238 Part2 May-16-18
Chapter 238 Part1 May-16-18
Chapter 237 Part2 May-15-18
Chapter 237 Part1 May-15-18
Chapter 236 Part2 May-14-18
Chapter 236 Part1 May-14-18
Chapter 235 Part2 May-10-18
Chapter 235 Part1 May-10-18
Chapter 234 Part2 May-09-18
Chapter 234 Part1 May-09-18
Chapter 233 Part2 May-08-18
Chapter 233 Part1 May-08-18
Chapter 232 Part2 May-07-18
Chapter 232 Part1 May-07-18
Chapter 228-231 May-07-18
Chapter 157 Jan-08-18
Chapter 149 Dec-25-17
Chapter 153 Dec-25-17
Chapter 152 Dec-25-17
Chapter 151 Dec-25-17
Chapter 150 Dec-25-17
Chapter 148 Dec-25-17
Chapter 147 Dec-25-17
Chapter 146 Dec-25-17
Chapter 145 Dec-25-17
Chapter 144 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 143 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 142 Part4 Apr-05-18
Chapter 142 Part3 Dec-25-17
Chapter 142 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 141 Part4 Dec-25-17
Chapter 141 Part3 Dec-25-17
Chapter 141 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 140 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 139 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 138 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 137 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 136 Part2 Dec-25-17
Chapter 112 Part4 Oct-30-17
Chapter 90 Part1 Sep-09-17
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